MTTC Iphitos

Munich, Germany


MTTC Iphitos, Aumeisterweg 10, 80805 Munich, Germany


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Recommended Localities

Recommended Localities:

MTTC Iphitos is in Aumeisterweg, located in the borough of Schwabing-Freimann about 7.0 Km north of the Munich City Centre. We recommend the following localities:

  • You can consider staying in a more central area like Altstadt / Marienplatz which will keep you very close to Munich’s trophy sites and also give you a number of accommodation options; the venue is about 8.0 Km from here and can be easily reached with public transport.
  • Another good option would be to stay in the Schwabing neighborhood which is only a Kilometer away from the venue and has a number of bars and restaurants.

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