Mehboob Studios

Mumbai, India


10 Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400050


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Recommended Localities

Recommended Localities:

Mehboob Studios are located in the posh suburban area of Bandra, which is at a distance of about 21.0 Km from South Mumbai and 7.0 Km from suburban areas like Santa Cruz. Staying in Bandra would be a good option, as it will provide easy access to the venue. Apart from Bandra, you could consider staying at the following localities which are close to the venue, the airport as well as various suburban attractions:

  • Khar (approx. 3.2 Km from venue)
  • Bandra (approx. 2.3 Km from venue)
  • Mahim (approx. 3.7 Km from venue)
  • Santa Cruz (approx. 5.0 Km from venue)
  • Andheri (approx. 14.8 Km from venue)


Venue details

Mehboob Studio has two auditoriums (Stage 1 and Stage 3). Performances are also held in the Mehboob Studio gardens.

How to reach


  • There is no direct bus service from the domestic airport to the Mehboob studio bus stop.
  • The nearest bus stops are St. Andrews Church, Hill Garden, and Mehboob Studio bus stop.
  • You can check the BEST website for routes and fares.  


  • Local trains are considered the cheapest and fastest method of getting to most parts of Mumbai. They can, however, get horrendously crowded especially during peak rush hours; visitors from outside Mumbai should exercise adequate caution in this regards.
  • You can buy single journey tickets at the station. There are two options:If you are a residing in the city you can use a train pass for cheaper options.
    • Second Class: These are very economically priced tickets. However the queues for getting these tickets tend to be much longer. The second class compartments also tend to be more crowded.
    • First Class: These are more expensive then second class tickets; however you don’t have to queue up and can jump the line by going straight to the ticket counter. The first class compartments are comparatively less crowded (though not by much in peak hours!).
  • The local train service operates from 4:00 am until 1:00 am with some trains running up to 2.30 am.
  • Bandra, the nearest station to the venue is located on the Western line of the local railway system.
  • Refer here for schedules and fares.
  • You can take an auto rickshaw from the Bandra station to get to Mehboob Studio. 


  • Taxis are available everywhere in the city throughout the day.
  • As of December 2014, the minimum taxi fare for a regular “black & yellow” taxi is INR 21.00 for first 1.5 Km which increases by INR 13.96 per Km.
  • There are also various radio cab services available which you can book on the phone or through the internet:
  • You can find taxi fares for Mumbai on


  • Auto-rickshaws are available everywhere in the city north of the suburb of Dadar.
  • Auto-rickshaws run on electronic meters which show the fare on the basis of distance traveled and time waited.
  • As of December 2014, the minimum rickshaw fare is INR 17.00 for first 1.5 Km which increases by INR 11.33 per km. The night fare which is applicable from 12:00 am to 5:00 am is 25% extra. 

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