Le Mans

The city of Le Mans is part of the Pays de la Loire region in the northwestern part of France.  Located on the Sarthe river, Le Mans traces its history back to Roman times. The city is replete with glorious reminders of the past with its restored old city home to a number of beautiful buildings including the Cathedral Saint-Julien. The charms of its old town and the bustle of its modern quarters aside, Le Mans is known across the world for the 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car endurance race, one of the most famous events not only in motorsports but across sports. Whether or not you’re a motor sport aficionado, Le Mans has something for you!

Population: 142,626 (In 2010)
Size: 52.81 Sq Km
Language(s): French, English


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Search and book hotels in Le Mans, France

La Barque

10 Place De La Liberation, Near Beaumont-sur-Sarthe Public Gardens

46 Reviews

USD 79.46

Hotel de Rennes

43, Boulevard Robert Jarry, Near St-Julien Cathedral

17 Reviews

USD 61.29

B&B Hotel LE MANS Nord (2)

8,rue Joseph Caillaux, In Saint-Saturnin

33 Reviews

USD 55.61

Hôtel Restaurant Le Green 7

447 ave Georges Durand, Near Circuit de la Sarthe

60 Reviews

USD 64.8

Mercure Le Mans Centre

19 Rue Chanzy, Near St-Julien Cathedral

429 Reviews

USD 124.27

ibis Le Mans Centre

Quai Ledru Rollin, Near St-Julien Cathedral

539 Reviews

USD 66.72

Hôtel d'Angleterre

9 Rue Du Guichet, Near Halle aux Grains

54 Reviews

USD 85.69

ibis Le Mans Est Pontlieue

3 Rue Clement Marot, Near Abbaye de l'Epau

330 Reviews

USD 58.84

Quick Palace Le Mans Nord St Saturnin

5, Rue Joseph Caillaux, Zac Les Grues Ro, In Saint-Saturnin

24 Reviews

USD 42.38

Campanile Sable Sur Sarthe

Route De La Fleche, In Vion

93 Reviews

USD 85.14

Events in Le Mans

Guide for Le Mans

Getting Around

General info


  • The closest major airport to Le Mans is Tours Val de Loire Airport (TUF / LFOT) in Tours, about 100 Km from the center of Le Mans.
  • The other major international airport close to Le Mans is the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, located approximately 235 Km from the city center.


  • The SETRAM coordinates the bus and tram service in the city.
  • There are various types of tickets which include:
    • Ticket Unit: This is used for occasional trips. Available one hour after the first validation on the bus network plus the tram of SETRAM. It costs EUR 1.50. 
    • Ticket Day: It is valid 24 hours after the first validation on the bus network plus tram of SETRAM. It costs EUR 4.00
    • Round Trip Ticket: Available one hour after each commit, without limitation in time for all trips on the Bus plus tram network. It costs EUR 2.90.
    • 10 Travel Ticket: A ten trips ticket for your travel, available one hour after the first validation on the bus plus tram of SETRAM. It costs EUR 12.90.
    • Group Ticket: One ticket valid for 20 people from 9:00 am to 11:15 am and 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm and after 7:30 pm on the Bus plus Tram of SETRAM. Outside these hours the ticket is valid for 10 people. It costs EUR 9.50.
    • Ticket Tribe: Valid for 1 hour after the validation and usable Saturdays, Sundays or holidays for a group up to 4 people travelling on the Bus plus Tram of SETRAM. It costs EUR 3.30.
    • Freedom Pass: The Freedom Pass is free and without obligation. With the Pass you can take the bus and tram when you want, and you will pay the following month only the journeys made.  If you do not use the Freedom Pass, you pay nothing. If you use it often your bills are capped at EUR 38.40 per month on journeys beyond are offered. To apply for a Freedom Pass and other terms and conditions you may refer here
  • For further details on tickets you may refer here.
  • Refer here for more information.


  • Le Mans has many good road linking it to the rest of France.
  • The highway A11, A81, and A28 can be used to travel to Le Mans.
  • Some of the car rental agencies available in the city include:


  • Taxis can be found easily in Le Mans.
  • Taxi agencies available in the city are:
  • Minimum fare is EUR 6.40 for first 2.8 Km and EUR 1.52 per km above minimum fare. For more information you may refer here.

Eat / Drink


French dishes are known for their complex and rich flavors and most French people eat bread, wine and cheese daily and it is safe to say that it is a staple of French diet. At Le Mans you can find a variety of restaurants and cafes that specialize in number of culinary traditions and traditional cuisine. You can also find a variety of other cuisines in the city. Some of the popular dishes include:

  • Rillettes de Porc:( A kind of boiled pork plate, a traditional specialty of Le Mans.
  • Crepes: A flat pancake stuffed with fruit or cream.
  • Coq au vin: A chicken frickasee cooked in red wine with mushrooms and some garlic.
  • Port Salut: Originally named Port du Salut is a smooth and delicate French cheese made as per authentic techniques.
  • Chocolate mousse: A chocolate dessert originated in France.

Some notable restaurants serving the local specialties include:








While France is the home of wine, beer is quite popular too. Northern France is where you Biere de Grade can be found. The alcohol purchase age was raised to 18 for all drinks, but is not always strictly enforced. There are a couple of mixed drinks like Panache, Monaco, Kir and Pastis that are more or less unique to France and nearby countries. Some popular pubs in the Le Mans region include:

Staying Connected

  • France uses GSM 900 and 1800 frequency bands. The phone must be “unlocked” to accept France’s SIM card.
  • You can buy the SIM card at most of Tabacs, shops, airport, etc.
  • The following are service providers in France for Prepaid SIM cards and Other Pay As You Go Options:


  • Hotels: Porters should be paid EUR 0.5 to EUR 1.0 per bag. Housekeepers could be paid EUR 1.0 to EUR 3.0 per person per day.
  • Restaurants: Service charge is generally included in all bills; you might consider tipping extra (not more than 10%) if the service provided was exceptional.
  • Bars: It is not customary to tip the bartender. You might consider rounding off the bill to the nearest Euro when paying.
  • Taxis: Tip your driver about 10% of the fare.