Grand Prix Ceske Republiky

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A part of Grand Prix motorcycle racing season, the Grand Prix of Czech Republic previously known as the Czechoslovak motorcycle Grand Prix is held at the Brno Circuit. The Masaryk circuit now referred to as Brno circuit is named after the first president of Czechoslovakia, T.G. Masaryk. The world’s most famous riders have taken part in GP events in Brno since 1930, where up until 1982 they would race through villages and western parts of the city. A new circuit was built in the 1980’s which ended racing on old roads. The new circuit is built in a natural bowl, which is banked in places to offer spectators an excellent view. The circuit, which is popular with riders and fans, constantly changes in elevation as it sweeps across forested hillsides and its fast undulating corners test the rider talent and engineering limits providing fans and viewers with a thrilling race experience. 

Previous winners

Winner of Grand Prix Ceske Republiky 2019:

  • Driver: Marc Marquez (Spain)
  • Constructor: Honda

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Brno Circuit

Masarykuvokruh 201, 664 81 Ostrovacice, Czech Republic


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