Transition Festival 2019

14th May keyboard_arrow_right 21st May 2019

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Seven nights of magic


Alexsoph amnesia Antonymous Back To Mars Battousai Blau Carola Confo Corthes D-Man Designa Drop Fluoelf Fohat Fraggle Giuseppe IAH Hallulaya Ibojima Imajica Jaakko Jana Koma Komune Kromagon Kronics Leopardtron Lord Flames Malory Medhira Monika Natural Ritual Ondrej Psyla Otherlife Outworld Palmarigen Parasense Patara PHOBoS Psyclops Psykhopomp Psytek Raja Rana Raveheart Rastaliens Sadhu Sati Sensient Sharas Southwild Spirituz Zorfluz


Almonte, Spain

The festival takes place in a woodland setting close to the town of Almonte in southern Spain.


Frequently Asked Questions

Seville is the closest major transport hub, with an international airport and well connected railway station. From Seville you can reach Almonte directly by bus. Buses also run to Almonte from nearby Huelva.

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