Time Warp DE 2020

4th Apr 2020


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An annual event of unscaled euphoria and ingenuity



Mannheim, Germany

Mannheim's Maimarkthalle is a slick exhibition centre that hosts trade shows, conferences, club nights and music festivals all year round.



Frequently Asked Questions

The closest airport is Frankfurt. From there, trains to Mannheim depart every 20 minutes and take half an hour. The journey will cost €55. A cheaper but longer option would be the Flixbus, which departs form the airport every 2 hours and take 55 minutes, but costs just €20. 

From the Mannheim Hauptbanhof, trams to the Maimarkt Gelände leave every 30 minutes. Alternatively, an S-Bahn service to the Mannheim Rangierbanhof/SAP arena leaves you with a ten minute walk to the venue.

You must be 18 to attend. ID is required.

The festival runs from 19:00 until 14:00 the next day.

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