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India Film Project, since its birth in 2011, has been putting in efforts to build a community of content creators across the varying forms of art. We encourage enthusiasm and cheer the result. IFP began with the 50-hour filmmaking challenge, one of a kind in Asia, wherein over 35,000 filmmakers come together in a selected weekend, and put in their best efforts to shoot, edit, and present their film. The 50-hour filmmaking challenge is IFP’s cornerstone. Six years after its inception, IFP extended itself in other forms of art-mainly writing, designing, and storytelling.

IFP’s two-day creation festival at Mumbai invites speakers from different fields of art like film, comic, literature, music, media, and initiates interesting conversations, AMAs, workshops, screenings. IFP community now consists of over 5.5 Lacs content creators including filmmakers, writers, storytellers, designers, musicians, editors, photographers, cinematographers, vloggers and many more. More than 15,000 enthusiasts from over 40 cities attended IFP Season 8 at Mumbai in October 2018.

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