Umag is the westernmost city of Croatia and one of the most popular destinations of the country. With its attractive coastline, the history and tradition of its old town and warm Mediterranean climate, Umag is as ideal a holiday retreat today as it was in the time of the Romans. Visit Umag this year and enjoy the sights and attractions of this picturesque city!


Things to do in Umag!


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Staying connected

  • Croatia uses the GSM 900 and 1800 frequency bands. For 3G carriers use the 2100 band. Hrvatski Telekom is providing 4G services in the country now.
  • The phone will need to be able to work on the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz GSM bands and, to use a local SIM it will also need to be unlocked.
  • There are many local service providers in Croatia
  • Major national carriers:


Tipping is typically not expected in Croatia, since in most cases tips are included in the bill along with taxes, but has become a common practice in upscale restaurants & cities. Tipping is not expected in informal restaurants and in smaller towns, but most people leave any coins they receive in change for the waiter.

  • Hotels: Tipping is not expected but you can tip your porter GBP 1 per bag depending on the bag weight.
  • Restaurants: If you have a large group or receive excellent service, then tip your server 10% - 15% of the bill before taxes.
  • Bars: Tipping is not expected but if you want, you could tip the barman GBP 1 or 10% of the bill.
  • Taxi: It is not a requirement to tip in taxis. If you wish, tip your airport taxi driver GBP 2-3 for helping with luggage.

Banner image credits: Vida Dimovska