Spielberg is a city located in the Bezirk Murtal in Styria, Austria, north of the Mur in the east of Aichfeld, between the cities of Zeltweg and Knittelfeld. The Murtal region includes spectacular mountain peaks and sun-drenched meadows. The cycling trail along the Mur river is one of Austria’s most frequented cycling routes and is a great choice for relaxed tours through towns and villages that go back 1,000 years. Spielberg is home to the Red Bull Ring (formerly known as A1-Ring and Österreichring), venue for the Formula One Austrian Grand Prix.


Things to do in Spielberg!





The Spielberg township is composed of nine (9) Katastralgemeinden (cadastral municipality) Pausendorf is the major Katastralgemeinde with 1,500 inhabitants. The Katastralgemeinde Spielberg is only a small part of the township but gives the whole municipality its name. The towns near Spielberg are Fohnsdorf, Rachau, Seckau, Zeltweg and Knittelfeld.



  • Spielberg is home to the Red Bull Ring where the Formula One Austrian Grand Prix is held.
  • It is also home to the chateaux of Schloss Arbesser, built in the 16th century, which was originally called "Schloss Spielberg".



  • Zeltweg is home to the Military Aviation Site, an air base commissioned in 1937, which is still Austria’s largest air base.
  • On an area of more than 5,000 Sq m visitors can inspect 29 aircrafts ranging from a YAK 18 to a Draken as well as countless military objects, vehicles, radar units and anti-aircraft guns.



  • Knittelfeld has a nice parish church, Stadtpfarrkirche.
  • There is also a Pestsäule (Plague Column or Trinity Column) on the market square. The Wehrturm is a bastion that was once part of the medieval city walls; and the Forum Rathaus, an art gallery at the city hall of Knittelfeld.
  • The Eisenbahnmuseum ("Railway Museum") contains the largest collection of hats of railway employees - not just in Austria, but in the entire World! If the hat collection fails to excite you, go to the station of Knittelfeld to check out the basement.
  • The diligent people of Knittelfeld built a model railway into an artificial landscape of 160 Sq m that copies the town and landmarks from its surroundings. See the marvelous church of St. Johann im Felde with an ancient wooden tower.
  • There are Gothic arcades called Turnergasse with a pulpit, dating back to 1480.



  • The town of Seckau is 13.6 Km from Spielberg.
  • Benedictine Abbey of Seckau, consecrated as an abbey church in 1164, is a popular daytrip destination. Expect fascinating insights into the history and function of the abbey, sacral art from centuries past as well as modern times and a visit to the abbey’s schnapps distillery.



  • The town of Rachau is 9.8 Km from Spielberg.
  • The Rachau hiking route is Europe’s highest treetop hiking route offering 2.7 Km of unspoilt nature and breath-taking panoramic views of the green heart of Austria.



  • The town of Fohnsdorf is 14.6 Km from Spielberg.
  • Fohnsdorf Mining Museum and Model Mine showcases fascinating evidence of a tough and dangerous life in what was once the world’s deepest brown coal mine. A former miner presents mining exhibits including a 47m-high pit frame, a model mine that is 160 m long and much more. 

Getting around

General info

Getting to the city from Vienna Airport

  • The Vienna Airport is approximately 204 Km from Spielberg.
  • You can use the following services to reach Spielberg from the Vienna Airport:
    • Train
      • City Airport Train/ CAT takes just 16 minutes nonstop to get from Vienna Airport to Wien Mitte station in central Vienna and costs EUR 12.00. A separate CAT counter is located in the arrivals hall, where you can obtain information about all CAT services, purchase a ticket and much more. Refer here for details.
      • The suburban railway (S-Bahn) is an economical way of traveling between Vienna city center and the airport.  
      • Ticket machines can be found on the platforms at the airport and in the centre of Vienna. The platforms at the airport are connected to the Terminals by covered passages.
      • Long-distance trains (ICE) serve Linz and St. Pölten directly via Vienna main railway station.
      • Trains are available from Linz to Knittelfeld, the nearest station to Spielberg.
      • Refer here for the schedules and fare information.
    • Bus
      • Vienna Airport Lines connects Vienna Airport with the main Vienna transport hubs. The 3 Vienna Airport Lines routes serve all of Vienna's underground railway lines as well as "Wien West" and "Wien Meidling" railway stations. Tickets cost EUR 8.00.
      • Buses to the city centre (Morzinplatz/Schwedenplatz) run 24 hours a day, journey time just 20 minutes.
      • Refer here for the schedules and fare information.
      • Buses are available from the Vienna city centre to Spielberg. Refer here for details. 
    • Taxi
    • Car Hire
      • The car rental center at the Vienna Airport is located on level 0 of multi-storey car park 4 (P4) and can be reached by a short covered underground passage.
      • You can find the following car rental companies there:


Getting to the city from Graz Airport 

  • The Graz Airport is approximately 84.4 Km from Spielberg.
  • You can use the following services to reach Spielberg from the Graz Airport:
    • Train
      • Airport bus connects Graz Airport with Graz main station. Trains are available from Graz to Knittelfeld.
      • The journey takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes and costs approx. EUR 20.00.
      • Refer here for schedules.
    • Bus
      • Postbus connects Graz Airport with Graz main railway station and costs EUR 2.00.
      • The bus stop is right outside the passenger terminal, right next to the arrival area.
      • Refer here for the schedules.
    • Taxi
      • The taxi rank is right outside the passenger terminal, right next to the arrival area.
      • Graz airport has the following taxi agencies:
    • Car Hire
      • The rental car companies can be found on the ground floor of the parking deck (covered access from the arrival area).
      • Car rental agencies:
        • Sixt - +43 (316) 24 41 58
        • Avis - +43 (316) 81 29 20
        • Europcar - +43 (1) 866 16 80
        • Hertz - +43 (316) 24 34 32
        • Megadrive - +43 (5) 0105 4130    


  • The ÖBB coordinates the operation of the train service in Austria.
  • The station closest to Spielberg is called Knittelfeld.
  • Refer here for schedules and fare information.


  • The ÖBB Postbus coordinates the operation of the bus service in Austria.
  • Refer here for bus schedules and fare information.


  • Taxis are available at bus stations and the city center in Spielberg.
  • The minimum taxi fare is EUR 3.90 and increases by 1.40 per Km.
  • Taxi agencies with their contact numbers:
    • Ruck Zuck - +43 (0) 3512/44 333
    • Taxi Steiner KG H & I Brutti +43 676 6101716
  • You can refer to the www.taxiautofare.com website for taxi fares to Spielberg from Vienna and Graz.

Staying connected

  • Austria uses the GSM 900 and 1800 frequency bands. For 3G carriers use the 2100 band. Telekom, T-Mobile Austria and 3 are providing 4G services in the country now. The phone must be “unlocked” to accept the Austria’s SIM card.
  • You can buy the SIM card at airport, online, independent cellular stores, super markets, post offices etc.
  • You can recharge the SIM online, super markets, post offices, etc.
  •  The following are service providers in Austria for Prepaid SIM cards and Other Pay As You Go Options:

Eat / Drink


  • Viennese cuisine is strongly influenced by southeast European cuisine, notably that of Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Dalmatia. Austrian desserts and cakes are particularly renowned.
  • Popular dishes:
    • Wiener schnitzel (a traditional dish of bread crumbed and fried veal escalope).
    • Tafelspitz (boiled beef) is regarded as Austria's national dish. 
    • Palatschinken (Austrian pancakes).
    • Apfelstrudel (apple strudel).
    • Mehlspeisen is the national term for cakes and puddings. There are around 60 varieties of Torte, which is often consumed with coffee.
  • Some notable restaurants serving the local specialties include:





Vegetarian restaurants in the Styria region include:






Tipping is expected in Austria.

  • Restaurants: In Austria, many restaurants include tax and a service charge in their bills, and it is customary to round up the total when paying. You can round off to the nearest EUR at restaurants.
  • Bars: Tipping at bars is not expected but appreciated.
  • Taxis: Taxi drivers usually receive an extra 10 percent over the meter fare.
  • Hotel Porters/Concierge: Porters or bellhops should receive up to EUR 1.00 per bag.

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