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Located in the heart of Scotland, Perthshire is home to majestic tranquil glens, ancient lush forests, a vibrant ancient city and championship golf courses. The region is rich in history, culture and natural beauty. Made up of charming towns and villages and the city of Perth, Perthshire has something special for everyone.

Things to do in Perthshire!




Perthshire comprises of small towns and villages. Perth is the only city in this county.

  • Aberfeldy
    • Aberfeldy is a lively town in Perthshire situated on Scotland’s longest River Tay. The famous Dewar’s World of Whisky is in Aberfeldy. There are plenty local activity providers who can take you white water rafting, abseiling, gorge walking, canyoning, mountain biking or even take you on your very own Highland Safari!
  • Auchterarder
    • Auchterarder is a town in Perthshire. It is home to the 5-star Gleneagles Hotel, which has three fantastic golf courses, and will host the prestigious 2014 Ryder Cup. 
  • Blair Atholl
    • Blair Atholl is a village in Perthshire home to the Blair Castle. You will find some fantastic scenery in and around Blair Atholl with the River Garry flowing through the heart of the village and linking other picturesque villages and glens, such as Calvine, Bruar, Killiecrankie and Struan. 
  • Blairgowrie
    • Blairgowrie is one of the largest towns in Perthshire, to the north of the city of Perth on the banks of the River Ericht. Blairgowrie is the gateway to Glenshee where you can participate in year-round sports including skiing, golfing, mountain biking, abseiling, hang gliding and paragliding.
  • Comrie
    • Comrie is a village in Perthshire to the west of Crieff. It is located in the middle of Glen Lednock and Glen Artney. Comrie has a variety of local shops with places to stay and eat out.
  • Crieff
    • Crieff is a country town set against the magnificent Perthshire scenery. It straddles the Highland Boundary Fault where the rolling Lowland meets the Highland terrain. The Famous Grouse Experience, located at Glenturret Distillery, is an interactive visitor centre that tells the story of one of Scotland's best known whiskies, while on the edge of town is the Stuart and Waterford Crystal factory shop.
  • Dunkeld
    • The village of Dunkeld sits on the River Tay. The most prominent part of this village is the majestic Dunkeld Cathedral.
  • Kenmore
    • Kenmore, a small village in Perthshire, is a popular centre for activities on Loch Tay such as sailing, canoeing, water-skiing, jet-biking, or for the more leisurely, fishing or golfing! 
  • Kinross
    • The town of Kinross sits besides the Loch Leven on the southern border of Perthshire.
  • Perth
    • Perth was Scotland's ancient capital for almost five centuries. It was once home to the Stone of Destiny upon which Scotland’s kings were crowned, and the city possesses its own historic and architectural splendors.
  • Pitlochry
    • The bustling town of Pitlochry is a gateway to the Highlands. It's a popular town with great scenery and home to Scotland's smallest distillery.
  • Spittal of Glenshee
    • The Spittal of Glenshee is located where four glens meet and has been a really popular destination for travelers. The area boasts a fantastic variety of accommodation and things to do. The facilities for walkers, anglers, shooters, golfers and cyclists as well as winter sports enthusiasts are unrivalled.

Getting around

General info

Perthshire is located in the heart of Scotland - close enough to major cities to enjoy fast and simple travel connections by road and rail. Once in Perthshire, you can rent a car or bike, join a tour or use the region’s public transport services.

Getting to Perthshire from the rest of the world:


In the City:

  • The city of Perth has excellent public transport services, but is small enough to travel by foot.
  • The towns and villages of Perthshire are well connected by buses and trains, making travel convenient even without your car.
  • You can hire a bike and explore Perthshire’s many scenic bike routes.
  • You can hire a bike at Cycle Highland Perthshire or Blair Atholl Mountain Bike Hire or Comrie Croft.


Getting to Perthshire from rest of UK and Europe:

  • For other rail travel information in Scotland refer here.


In the City:

  • The train stations in Perthshire are Perth, Invergowrie, Gleneagles, Dunkeld, Birnam, Ladybank and Pitlochry.
  • You can travel on two historic and world famous railways while here: The Highland Line which travels through Pitlochry and Blair Atholl and the scenic West Highland Link which stops at Rannoch Moor.


Getting to Perthshire from rest of UK and Europe:

  • Getting to Scotland by road from the rest of Britain is easy. Inter-town bus services are comparable to many train routes, often at much cheaper fares.
  • Modern long-distance coaches are comfortable and well equipped with food, toilet facilities and WiFi access.
  • Perthshire is connected to every city and major town in Britain by the Scottish Citylink, National Express and Megabus.
  • Overnight sleeper service to Scotland is operated by StageCoach Bus.
  • For coach routes and timetables of services running through Scotland refer here.


In the City:

  • There are many bus stations located in Perth city centre offering services to the towns and villages of Perthshire.
  • Stagecoach and local bus services operate a high frequency of services across Perthshire.



Tipping is not a strict social obligation in Scotland but is typically expected.

  • Restaurants: Tip your server 10% to 15% of the bill (before taxes) if a service charge has not been added. It is not necessary to leave a tip at a pub unless you’ve had a meal with good service.
  • Taxis: A 10% tip is customary.
  • Porters: Porters rely on tips at upmarket hotels.

Staying connected

  • The main mobile networks are EE, Vodafone, Three and O2.
  • However there are a host of MVNOs that use the infrastructure of these networks, these often offer plans tailored towards expat communities and tourist who wish to call abroad, the main players are LycaMobile and Lebara.
  • A UK connection will work in Scotland.

Eat / Drink


The cuisine of Scotland is influenced by its own local produce with a slight English and French touch. Scottish dishes are made from game (venison, beef etc.), sea food (locally caught), potatoes and other vegetables available in the region, and oats and barley. Traditional Scottish food does not use too many spices as they were expensive to procure. Some typical food items you should try out while visiting Perthshire, Scotland are:

  • Haggis: Haggis is a savory pudding made from sheep’s heart, liver and lungs. It is minced with onions, oatmeal, suet, spices, stock and encased in the sheep’s stomach before being simmered for three hours. Haggis is considered the national dish of Scotland and is traditionally served with neeps and tatties (potato). Enjoy a traditional dish of haggis at The Bothy in Perth.
  • Scotch Pie: Scotch pie (mutton pie) is a double crust meat pie stuffed with minced mutton or any other meat. You can try the award winning scotch pie at Sugar & Spice in Auchterarder.

Some notable local restaurants for Scottish cuisine in Perthshire are:








Perthshire boasts of an eclectic mix of drink attractions. From a fascinating insight into the whisky making process to the secrets of how the region’s beer and wine are produced, Perthshire offers tours for all.


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