Perth, the largest city in Western Australia is also the capital of the state. Due to the various mining opportunities in the city, it became highly populated after the 19th century. It has numerous uncrowded beaches that make for the perfect relaxing beach vacation. It also has some great lush gardens like Kings Park and Swan Valley. The city of Perth offers good food, plentiful shopping hubs and exciting nightlife destinations. Looking for a quiet holiday or an adventurous one, Perth has both to offer.

Things to do in Perth!




Centered along the Swan River, Perth is the most isolated capital city in the world. There is a certain laid-back and relaxed atmosphere that is consistent throughout the city. It is lined with several beaches that provide you with the perfect chilled out vacation spot.


The City:





  • The hip and happening part of Perth, Northbridge is the entertainment hub of the city. The area is filled with restaurants, shops, cafes and galleries, a contrast to the city’s suburbs. After hours, Northbridge offers plenty of clubs to get a peek into the city’s nightlife, though caution is advised if you intend to be out late night.
  • Main attractions and landmarks include:


The Coast:


Northern Suburbs:


Southern Suburbs:


The Hills:


Outer Perth


Rottnest Island:

  • Known as Rotto to locals, Rottnest Island can be reached by ferry or by air. It is a popular getaway from the city of Perth. Details of all activities available at Rottnest Island are available here.
  • Main attractions and landmarks include:
    • Rottnest Island Museum
    • Snorkeling
    • Walking Tours
    • Lighthouses
    • Churches and other buildings

Getting around

General info

Getting around the city

Transport in Perth includes road, rail and water transport. Public transport is handled by Transperth. Information on timings, routes, etc. can be found on their website.

SmartRider is a card that helps you travel around the city using the public transport at special discount prices. There is also an app called the Transperth App that is available for Android and iOS devices.


Travel by the Transperth public system is charged based on how many zones are covered by your travel.


Standard Fare (AUD)

1 Zone


2 Zones


3 Zones


4 Zones


5 Zones


6 Zones


7 Zones


8 Zones


9 Zones


Day Rider


Family Rider



  • The various zone maps are available here.
  • Tickets are available:
    • At train stations
    • Ferry jetties
    • From bus drivers


  • Trains are an effective way to get to Perth from other surrounding areas.
  • Train services around the city start at 5:30 am and end at midnight.
  • You can plan your train journey on Journey Planner.


From the Airport

  • There are buses available from T3 and T4. These are the 37 and 40 bus routes.
  • There is a shuttle that operates between terminals which is free of charge.
  • There is also an airport shuttle available which is faster but more expensive. This CONNECT shuttle is available between the T3 terminal and the city.
  • Tickets for the CONNECT shuttle are AUD 15 for a one way trip per person.


In the City

  • Large, Air-conditioned, free buses operate within the Free Transit Zone in Perth. These can be spotted by the cat logo on the front.
  • Public buses operate in and around the suburbs and main train stations.


  • Taxis are available in plenty around the city and can be hailed from the streets.
  • Fares for taxis are set by the government.
  • Two major taxi companies are Swan Taxis and Black and White Taxis.
  • Catching a taxi in the early hours of the morning between 5:00 am and 9:00 am or late in the night especially from outside pubs can be problematic.


Tipping in Australia is not customary. However, if you feel that the service was exceptional, feel free to tip as much as you like. 

  • Hotels: You generally do not tip at hotels. However at expensive hotels tipping your Bellman or porter with AUD 1.00 – 2.00 per bag is acceptable. The maid and concierge do not expect tips.
  • Restaurants: Tipping your waiter is not expected. However, you may still tip your waiter up to 10% of the bill if you receive exceptional service, or if you are in a very expensive restaurant.
  • Spas: Tipping is not expected but you can do so if your service was excellent.
  • Tour Guide: They do not expect to be tipped but you can always do so as a form of appreciation.
  • Taxi: Drivers will not expect a tip for their services, although it is common courtesy to let the taxi driver “keep the change”.

Suggested itinerary

Perth in 3 days (Source: Tourism Australia)


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3

Staying connected

  • Australia uses the GSM 900 and 1800 frequency bands. For 3G carriers use the 2100 band. Telstra, Optus and Vodafone provide 4G services in the country now.
  • The public phones are color coded:
    • Red: Local calls
    • Green, Gold, Blue: International calls
  • Prepaid SIM cards are readily available, both at the airport as well as at convenience stores.
  • Budget service providers include:
    • Lyca
    • Lebara
  • Larger, more premium providers include:
    • Telstra
    • Vodafone
    • Optus

Eat / Drink


Australian cuisine has made huge strides in popularity around the world in the recent years due to the hit TV show, Masterchef. There are a lot of authentic Australian delights that are a must-try while in Perth including Pavlova and Lamingtons.

Seafood is the main attraction in Perth. The best way to try these is fresh from the sea and tossed on the barbecue!

  • Prawns and Crabs
  • Fish like Marron, Trout and Barramundi
  • Western Rock Lobster or Crayfish
  • Chilli Mussels: Mussels cooked in tomato and chilli, are found in several eateries in Perth.

Some notable local restaurants for Australian cuisine include:


  • Restaurant Amuse
    • Cuisine: Contemporary
    • 2013/2014 Restaurant of the Year, Australian Hotels Awards for Excellence



  • Co-Op Dining
    • Cuisine: Contemporary
    • Best New Restaurant 2013, Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence WA



  • Pata Negra
    • Cuisine: Spanish, Moroccan, Mediterranean
    • Awarded 15 Chef Hats, Australian Good Food and Travel Guides






Australia is the world’s fourth largest exporter of wine. Regions like New South Wales are known for their vineyards. Swan Valley in Perth is famous for its numerous wineries. Some famous wines of Perth are:


Australia is known for its beer world-over. Perth in particular consists of many popular breweries. Some of the beers you must try in Perth are:

Banner image credits: Ole Reidar Johansen

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