New York

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New York City is the largest city in the United States by population. It was settled in 1613 by Dutch and originally called New Amsterdam. New York City is popularly known as the "The Big Apple", "Gotham City", "Empire City", "Fun City", "The Naked City" and the "City That Never Sleeps". Manhattan Island is often referred to as just "The City". It is often referred to as "the Capital of the World".

Things to do in New York!




Harlem :

  • A historical center of urban African-American culture, Harlem is roughly located above Central Park from 110th to 145th Street on the East Side and above 125th Street (above the Columbia University campus) on the West Side. Harlem is home to the world famous Apollo Theatre and the Schomburg center for research in Black Culture.
  • Main areas and attractions:
    • Hamilton Height : To taste this neighborhood's Harlem Renaissance days, walk down tree-lined Convent Avenue, detouring onto adjacent Hamilton Terrace, and see a time capsule of elegant stone row houses in mint condition. One of the neighborhood's most beautiful blocks, it's popular with film and TV crews.
    • The Hispanic Society Of America Museum and Library Review : This is the best collection of Hispanic and Spanish art outside the Prado in Madrid, with paintings, sculptures, textiles, manuscripts, music, and decorative arts from ancient Iberia through the 20th century.

Upper East Side:

  • A historically elite bastion of old money, the Upper East Side (59th Street to 96th Street between 5th and York Avenues) remains conservative and upscale. Visitors find easy access to Central Park as well as the fabled “Museum Mile” section of 5th Avenue, home to the Metropolitan Museum of Art , the Guggenheim , the Whitney , the Museum of the City of New York , and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design
  • Main areas and attractions:
    • Carl Schurz Park : Facing the East River, this park, named for a German immigrant who was a prominent newspaper editor in the 19th century, is so tranquil you'd never guess you're directly above FDR Drive. 
    • Acquavella Galleries : The 19th- and 20th-century art shown inside this five-story marble-floored French neo-classical mansion tends to be by the big names, from Impressionists through Pop artists, including Picasso, Lucian Freud, James Rosenquist, and Wayne Thiebaud.


  • Midtown, from 42nd Street to 59th Street east of 5th Avenue, is one of the most visited areas of New York. Half the city’s train commuters enter at Grand Central Terminal , the famed architectural landmark located at 42nd Street and Park Avenue.
  • Main areas and attractions:
    • Chrysler Building : A monument to modern times and the mighty automotive industry, the former Chrysler headquarters wins many a New Yorker's vote for the city's most iconic and beloved skyscraper.
    • Daily News Building : The landmark lobby of this art deco tower contains an illuminated 12-foot globe that revolves beneath a black glass dome. Around it, spreading across the floor like a giant compass and literally positioning New York at the center of the world, bronze lines indicate mileage to various international destinations.

Madison Square Park:

  • Stretching from 5th Avenue to Park Avenue South, from 27th Street to the top of Union Square, this cluster of neighborhoods has undergone substantial change in recent years.The area was the site of the original Madison Square Garden, way back in the 19th century and the new conversions preserve the beautiful architecture around the park, it's one of the loveliest squares in all of downtown.

Getting around

General info

  • There are multiple public transport options are available in New York:
    • New York has one of the most extensive and one of the oldest transportation infrastructures in the country.
    • In addition to New York City's famous mass transit subway, four suburban commuter railroad systems enter and leave the city: the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, Port Authority Trans-Hudson, and five of New Jersey Transit's rail lines.
    • Portions of the transportation system are intermodal, allowing travelers to easily switch from one mode of transportation to another.


  • To Travel Between JFK and the city
    • MTA NYC Bus - costing $2.50 (with MetroCard plus $1 fee if new, $2.75 single-ride ticket), these are the cheapest methods of transport. The buses depart from a new ramp near Terminal. These buses have little room for luggage and go to non-touristy neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn. However, they offer connections to the subway and Long Island Railroad.
    • JFK AirTrain - a people mover system that runs 24/7, connecting all airport terminals with nearby rail and metro stations for $5. Runs services to Howard Beach Station to connect with the "A" Train to Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan, and Jamaica Station to connect with the "E" Train to Queens and Lower Manhattan, the "J/Z" Train, and the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station ($3.75 weekend with City Ticket, $5.75 weekday off-peak, $8 peak times), Brooklyn, or Long Island.


  • Some buses offer Wi-Fi, power outlets and even business-class style luxury. Buses serve New Jersey, New York suburbs west of the Hudson River, and all cities along the east coast of the US.
  • The NY Port Authority Bus Terminal at 625 8th Ave in Manhattan (8th Ave & W 42nd St next to Times Square - '42nd St Port Authority Bus Terminal' subway stop) serves as a central bus terminal for most major lines.
  • Buses To/From New Jersey
    • New Jersey Transit operates within service destinations in New Jersey and Manhattans Port Authority Bus terminal on 8th Ave and 42Nd ST.
    • Lakeland operates Rt#46 (To Dover), 78 (Bernardsville or Bedminster) and 80 (Newton or Sparta) from Port Authority Bus Terminal.
  • To/from Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC
    • DC2NY provides service to/from Washington DC.
    • Eastern Travel provides several buses a day to Chinatown and/or Penn Station. Wi-Fi on some buses. Partner with Megabus on some services.


  • The subway, which operates 24/7, is the fastest and best way to travel around the city.
  • Fares are $2.50 (unless you use Single Ride MetroCard, which is $2.75), regardless of distance traveled.
  • Every subway line is identified by either a letter or a number. In midtown Manhattan, they are mostly grouped by color, but not always.
  • By PATH (Port Authority of Trans-Hudson) :
    • PATH can be used to travel within Manhattan, from 33rd St along 6th Ave to Christopher St, and for less than the subway due to fare hike proposals from the MTA.
    •  It covers such a small territory but in theory you can use it if you have to travel its exact route. Note that Unlimited Ride Metrocards cannot be used on the PATH.
    •  PATH also accepts the SmartLink Card (similar to the MetroCard, but the SmartLink Card cannot be used on the subway).


  • Yellow Cabs cruise in most of Manhattan and are available at dispatcher lines at airports, but are harder to find in the other four boroughs.
  • Real NYC taxis are yellow, have a metal seal on the hood ("medallion"), a light with a taxi number on the roof, a meter for billing, stickers on the windshield for various licenses, special taxi license plates, and a divider inside the car.
  • The fares are $2.50 plus a $0.50 state tax to start, plus $0.40 for each 1/5 mile traveled. There is a night surcharge 8:00 pm-6:00 am of $0.50 and a rush hour surcharge of $1 from 4:00 pm -8:00 am Monday to Friday. In addition, as in the rest of the United States, tipping your taxi driver is expected in New York.

Suggested itinerary

5 days in New York (New York Times)

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Staying connected

  • There are two main GSM service providers in the USA - AT&T and T-Mobile.
  • Both offer 3G services across the 850 MHz / 1900 MHz bands which supported by most modern quad-band phones.
  • If you have an “Unlocked” phone then you can purchase a prepaid / Pay As You Go SIM card for your phone. Check this link for tariff rates.
  • Prepaid SIM cards are readily available – both at the airport as well as at convenience stores like Walgreens.
  • You could consider purchasing a SIM from either of the two bigger players, which might have a broader coverage, or from Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) like Ultra Mobile, Black Wireless and H2O, which might have a more flexible pricing.

Eat / Drink


New York has some of the world's finest restaurants including:

  • Le Bernardin
    • Cuisine: French
    • Zagat’s top-pick for 2013; Michelin three-starred restaurant.
  • Daniel
    • Cuisine: French
    • Michelin three-starred restaurant.



  • Bouley
    • Cuisine:  French
    • Rated the third-best restaurant New York City by Zagat in 2013.






New York has some of the best bars and clubs in the world including the following:


Tipping is expected in most places and should always be done unless the service provided was completely unsatisfactory.

  • Hotels: Tip your porter USD 1.00 to 2.00 per bag depending on the weight. A doorman who helps you hail a cab should be paid USD 1.00 to 2.00 as well.
  • Restaurants: Tip your server 10 to 15% of the bill for average service. Restaurants will add a service charge for groups of five or more.
  • Bars: Tip the bartender USD 1.00 to 2.00 per drink.
  • Counter Service: Tips are not generally required.
  • Taxis: Tip your driver 10 to 15% of the fare; an additional USD 1.00 to 2.00 for help with bags.

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