The city of Monza is located on the River Lambro in the northern part of Italy about 15 Km from Milan.  Monza is an important economic and industrial center in the county’s Lombardy region. Home to the iconic Autodromo Nazionale Monza race track which hosts the Formula One Italian Grand Prix, the city is also known for its  rich cultural heritage and historical buildings.

Things to do in Monza!




  • Taccona
  • Monza Centro
  • Triante
  • San Carlo
  • San Fruttuoso
  • Cederna
  • San Giuseppe
  • San Biagio
  • San Villoresi

Getting around

General info

From The Airport

Linate Airport Milan

  • There is a special bus service (Linate Air Bus), connecting Linate Airport to Milano Centrale Station, available every 30 minutes. The bus takes approximately 25 minutes to reach Milano Centrale and the fare is about EUR 5. You can check the schedules here.
  • From Milano Centrale Station, there is a train every hour to Monza. It is a 10 minute journey and the ticket is about EUR 7. You can book your ticket here.
  • You can take a taxi to Monza. It will cost you approximately EUR 25 and will take you about 30 minutes to reach. You can use the following taxi services:
    • Autonoleggio Con Conducente Pugliese Giacomo: 39 335 635 1170
    • Taxi Blu: 39 02 215 4972
  • For large parties, you can hire a shuttle service to Monza.

In Monza

  • Monza is a small city and most people walk and use bikes within the city perimeter.



  • There are bus services connecting the Monza neighborhoods and Milan. For the schedules refer here.


Tipping is typically not expected in Italy. You're welcome to tip if you are very happy with the service.

  • You could round off to the nearest Euro at restaurants.
  • Tipping cab drivers is unusual but appreciated, especially if they help you with your luggage.
  • Tipping hotel porters, hotel concierge (if helpful) is appreciated.

Suggested itinerary

Staying connected

  • Italy uses the GSM 900 and 1800 frequency bands. The phone must be “Unlocked” to be able to accept the Italian SIM card.
  • The SIM card has to be registered, using a passport or a European ID, before activation. This can be done when the SIM card is purchased or on the phone.
  • There are multiple service providers in Italy that offer prepaid SIM/Pay As You Go options.You can buy the SIM card at the airport, online.
  • The SIM/Pay As You Go top ups can be purchased at tobacco shops, supermarkets, some bars and coffee shops and online.

Eat / Drink


The cuisine of Monza reflects mainly of Insubria and Brianza. It is connected to culinary traditions and the bond with nearby areas, especially with the Milanese cuisine. Although, you will get the traditional Italian fare all over Monza, some typical dishes you must try are:

  • Cassoeula/Cazzuola/Bottagio: A winter dish, Cassoeula is made from less valuable pork meat, Verzino sausage and sometimes chicken and goose meat. These are cooked in a casserole with onions, carrots, celery and black pepper for a long time. Cabbage is added towards the end. It is traditionally served with polenta and a glass of strond red wine.
  • Buseca: This is a traditional Italian stew made from tripe beef stomach cut into small pieces, potatoes, lentils, beans, tomatoes, sausage and spices. The stew is boiled till the ingredients are firm but the broth is very thick. Its enjoyed with a glass of red wine.





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