Previously known as Marwar, the city of Jodhpur was founded by Rao Jodha of the Rathore clan in the year 1459.  With the mighty Mehrangarh Fort towering over it, the Blue City, as Jodhpur is sometimes called, is an architectural masterpiece. Listed by Lonely Planet as one of the most extraordinary places to stay in 2014, this city is set in the desolate landscape of the Thar desert. Jodhpur has kept its rustic flavors alive in the historical old city protected by a 10 feet long 16th century wall.  The picturesque forts and monuments of Jodhpur have been attracting tourist from all over the world for many years. The traditional music and arts have also been preserved and appreciated over the years keeping the legacy of this culturally rich city alive.

Things to do in Jodhpur!




Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan. It can be divided into two parts:

Old City                               

  • This area represents the city of Jodhpur that was founded by Rao Jodha in 1459.
  • It has a 10 Km long wall that was made to protect the city with eight gates leading out.
  • It consists of all the major historical structures and the main ‘blue city’ with all houses painted in the color blue.
  • The main attractions and landmarks include:


New City 

  • This area represents the city that lies outside the boundary of the Old City.
  • The new city has developed in the last few decades and mainly consists of more recent establishments.

Getting around

General info

Getting to the city from the Airport

  • The Jodhpur Airport is connected to Delhi and Mumbai.
  • The Airport is approximately 5 Km from the main city.
    • You can use a taxi or an auto to reach the centre of the city.
    • The Auto Fare is approx INR 80.00 to INR 100.00
    • The Taxi Fare is approx INR 150.00 to INR 200.00


  • Sun City Cabs has an efficient taxi network in the city.
  • As of October 2014, the minimum taxi fare is INR 25.00 and increases by INR 16.00 every Km. the waiting charges INR 1.50 per minute.
  • Refer here for fare details.
  • You can book a cab online or call +91-291-6888-888.


  • You can get rickshaws in any major part of the city.
  • The charges are around INR 20.00 to INR 25.00 per km.
  • You must negotiate and fix fare before you take a Rickshaw.


Tipping is not expected but appreciated in India.

  • Restaurants: The service charge is included to the bill in some places. In case the service charge is not included you may leave 5% to 10% of the bill if you are happy with the service.
  • Taxis: Tipping taxi drivers is unusual but appreciated.
  • Hotel Porters/Concierge: Tip the porters INR 20.00 per bag if they have helped you with your luggage.

Staying connected

  • India uses the GSM 900 and 1800 frequency bands. For 3G carriers, use the 1900 and 2100 bands. All the major service providers are providing 4G services in the country at 2300 MHz.
  • International visitors must have a tri-band or quad-band phone supporting 900 MHz to 1800 MHz to be compatible with Indian carriers. Also the phone must be “Unlocked” to be able to accept a Indian SIM card.
  • Most of the international airports in India have counters or kiosks where you can buy SIM cards.
  • There are multiple service providers in India that offer prepaid SIM / Pay As You Go options.Roaming charges also apply if you are in a different state than the one you bought your SIM card in.
  • Major national carriers include:
    • Airtel
    • Vodafone
    • Reliance
    • BSNL and MTNL
  • You will have to submit the photocopy of all your identification documents along with 2 passport photographs.

Eat / Drink


Jodhpur is known on one hand for its super spicy savories, while on the other hand, it religiously follows the tradition of ‘meethi manuhaar’ which means treating your guests with loads of sweets. Sojati Gate is one of the main areas in the city where you get the aromas and flavors of all these delicacies.

Some notable restaurants serving the local specialties include:


  • Darikhana (Raas Jodhpur)
    • Cuisine: International
    • Certificate of Excellence 2014



  • Latitude 
    • Cuisine: Rajasthani (with a modern twist)





Though Jodhpur does not particularly boast of any premium wine manufacturing culture, the wine appreciating culture has always been a part of the royal traditions of Jodhpur. The city is known for its sophisticated taste for wines from around the globe.


Banner image credits: Daniel Mennerich