Jaipur is the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Jaipur, commonly known as the Pink City due to the colour buildings were painted to imitate Mughal buildings, is an extremely popular tourist destination. This city is steeped in history and has multiple palaces and other ancient monuments. It is known for its architecture and for being the first planned city of India. Along with Delhi and Agra it constitutes the Golden Triangle of tourism in India. 

Things to do in Jaipur!





The city of Jaipur has many neighbourhoods that range from residential, teeming with colonies and housing societies to the beautifully antique.


Jaipur Old City

The old city of Jaipur consists of many of the city’s top attractions. You can devote half a day to explore the entire old city. It consists of multiple shopping attractions as well as historical monuments. Some of the main places of interest include:


Agra Road

This location is popular because of its numerous forts and temples. The monuments situated near and around this road contribute to the rich heritage of Jaipur. Main attractions include the Galta Monkey Temple.


North Jaipur

Regular buses are available to take you to the north of Jaipur to visit the sights there. Complete with a lake, a palace and a museum, this location is worth the effort of getting there. Main attractions include:


Badi Chaupad

Located in the south of Jaipur, in the old city, this famous intersection is well connected. The reason this particular intersection is so famous is because it houses the beautiful Hawa Mahal.

The Hawa Mahal or “Palace of Winds” is a five-storey high monument that was originally built as a wall full of windows from which women of the royal household could observe festivities taking place on the streets of Jaipur without being seen themselves. The palace is a showcase of architectural splendour, both inside and out and is a must see if you visit the city of Jaipur.


Malviya Nagar

Located in South Jaipur, this neighbourhood is one of the most affluent regions in the city. It is home to a number of entertainment facilities like multiplexes and malls, being an industrial and commercial centre of the city.

  • Jawahar Circle: This is the biggest circular park in Asia and is a favourite leisure hang-out of the inhabitants of the city. It consists of a number of walkways, a musical fountain and rose gardens.
  • Cinepolis: While in Jaipur, why not catch a Bollywood flick? Pick from the latest Bollywood and Hollywood offerings of the season.

Getting around

General info

Getting from the airport to the city

  • Jaipur is served by the Jaipur International Airport which is located in the southern suburb of Sanganer, 13 Km from the city.
  • There are multiple ways of getting from the Jaipur International Airport to the city including:
  • Bus
    • The Jaipur International Airport is 3 Km away from the nearest bus stand.
    • Bus services to the Airport is available from Sodala bus stand, Jawahar Nagar bus stand, Sindhi camp, Durgapura bus stand.
    • Buses directly from the airport can be booked with Sanganeer Airport Buses. 
  • Taxi
    • There is a prepaid taxi counter available at the Jaipur airport.
    • Cabs can also be booked through other private taxi operators.



  • Jaipur City Transport Services is operated by the Rajasthan state transport provider and provides buses that operate around the city.
  • There are several options of buses available depending on your necessity.
    • A/C Low Floor Buses: dark red. Best way to travel around the city.
    • Non A/C Low Floor Buses: 380 buses that operate around the city.
    • Suburban Bus Service: green in colour with limited stops. Good to maneuver the neighboring towns.
    • Mini Bus Service: operate in the Walled city area.
  • A list of bus routes is available here.
  • The rates for bus travel are as follows:
    • 0-4 Km: INR 6.00
    • 4-12 Km: INR 10.00
    • 12- 25 Km: INR 12.00
    • More than 25 Km: INR 18.00
    • Single day pass: INR 40.00
    • Combined Couple daily pass: INR 50.00
    • Daily pass for child below 12 years of age: INR 25.00
    • Monthly pass: INR 600.00


  • There are a number of taxi service providers in Jaipur since it is a very popular tourist destination.
  • There are different rates for different types of taxis: luxury cabs, package deals, etc.
  • Cabs can be booked online prior to your visit here.
  • There are a number of private taxi providers available around the city as well like MyCabs, Metro Cabs, etc. They can be contacted by phone numbers provided on the website.
  • The approximate rates for taxi rentals in Jaipur can be checked here.
  • Cabs can be booked here for full-day sightseeing.
  • Taxi services that operate around Rajasthan can be used to travel to nearby cities as well. For details on inter-city taxi services, visit here


  • Cycle rickshaws which are essentially carriages attached to a cycle are also available in Jaipur.
  • They are much slower than other means of transport but would make for a fun ride.
  • Be ready to haggle to set a price before you start your ride.


Tipping in Jaipur is always appreciated in India Rupees over dollars. Subtlety is the key here so keep your tipping money separate. 

  • Hotels: Tip your porter INR 20.00-50.00 per bag depending on the bag weight. Housekeeping can also be tipped this amount.
  • Restaurants: In many large restaurants, a service charge is already added to the bill but if it is not, tip your server 10% of the bill in cash.
  • Spas: Tipping your therapist is not expected but is appreciated if the service is very good.
  • Tour Guide: You can tip your tourist guide around INR 100.00-INR 300.00 for a personal tour and between INR 30.00-INR 50.00 if the tour is in a group.
  • Taxi: It is against the law for autorickshaw drivers or taxi drivers to charge above the meter. In this case, simply round off the amount displayed on the meter.

Suggested itinerary

Jaipur in 2 days (Source: Jaipur Travel Guide)

Day 1

  • Start the day at the City Palace, the residence of the Maharaj of Jaipur. Here you can see:
    • The Peacock Gate
    • Diwn-I- Khas
  • Next on the list is the heart of "the Pink City":
  • Sunset at the Sun Temple


Day 2

Staying connected

  • India uses the GSM 900 and 1800 frequency bands. For 3G carriers use the 2100 band.
  • There are multiple service providers in India that offer prepaid SIM / Pay As You Go options.
    • Major national carriers:
      • Airtel
      • Vodafone
      • Reliance
      • Idea
      • BSNL
      • TATA Docomo
      • Aircel
  • Getting a prepaid SIM could be a bit onerous since documentation might be required.

Eat / Drink


Jaipur serves a lot of typical Rajasthani food- rich in ghee and high in spices. Though the food is primarily vegetarian, Jaipur cuisine also includes some dishes cooked with wild game from around the area. The rich cuisine is meant to reflect the wealth and prosperity of the city.

Some typical food items that you should try out while visiting Jaipur are: 

  • Dal Baati Churma: a hard, round, whole wheat ball (Bati) served after dipping in ghee(clarified butter) served with a gravy of lentils (Dal) and crushed Batis cooked with ghee and sugar (Churma)
  • Lal Maans: a red chilly based meat curry
  • Saanth Ro Achaar: pickled wild boar meat
  • Kadhi: a slightly sour buttermilk based curry
  • Malai Ghevar: a honeycomb disk shaped dessert, topped with loads of condensed milk and cream

Rajasthani food is very rich, with enormous fat contents and is much spicier than food in most other Indian regions.

Some notable local restaurants for Rajasthani cuisine include:


  • Blackout
    • Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Continental



  • Niros
    • Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Continental



  • Sheesha
    • Cuisine: North Indian, Mughalai





Jaipur is not known for any particular type of alcoholic beverage but it does have a few must-try drinks up its sleeve. The lassi (a popular, traditional, yogurt-based drink) at Lassiwala on MI Road is highly recommended.                        

If you are in Jaipur and you are not in the mood for a tame yoghurt lassi, why not try a bhang lassi instead? Bhang is a dark green substance made from the leaves of the female cannabis plant. Bhang is legally sold in government run shops in Jaipur and varies in intensity from low to high dosage. It is available in various forms - cookies, lassi, bhang balls, chocolate, etc. The bhang lassi at Johari Bazaar is a definitely worth checking out!

Jaipur is also home to some great watering holes.

Banner image credits: Rajesh