Boom is a municipality located in Flanders, one of three regions in Belgium, and in the Flemish province of Antwerp. It is located between three big cities (Brussels, Antwerp and Mechelen) and is famous for hosting the Tomorrowland music festival.


Things to do in Boom!



Staying connected

  • Belgium uses GSM 900and 1800 frequency bands. The phone must be “unlocked” to accept the Belgium’s SIM card. For 3G, carriers use the 2100 frequency band, Proximus, Mobistar, Base, Tango and BUCD are providing 4G services in the country now.
  • You can rent a cell phone at the airport from Locaphone, for use inside or outside Belgium. Alternatively, if you plan to stay longer in Belgium, you can buy a cell phone with a prepaid card. You can buy a cell phone with the activation card and a prepaid card in any phone store, You should pay no more than EUR 80.00 for an adequately functional phone. You can recharge the SIM at most Belgian ATMs or on-line.
  • The following are service providers in Belgium for Prepaid SIM:

Eat / Drink





  • Tipping is not very common in Belgium. Service workers are generally well paid and do not rely on tips.
  • Restaurants: Tipping in restaurants is not expected because a 10-15% service charge is generally applied to your bill. If you feel that your service was exceptional, you can leave a few Euros as tip.
  • Bars: Tipping at bars is not expected but you may leave an additional amount if you are happy with the service.
  • Taxis: Tipping taxi drivers is not required or expected, but some people leave the change for their driver in order to round up to the nearest Euro. However, if the taxi driver goes out of his way to help, consider leaving a small tip. A few Euros is sufficient.
  • Hotel Porters/Concierge: Tipping the staff at hotels is not common because the cost of your bill will include services. However, with that said, you can still tip the bellman if you like. EUR 2.00 is fine for several pieces of luggage or EUR 1.00 per piece.