Whether it’s countless hours of playing Viking Quest or binging on Vikings on Netflix, your appetite for Oslo and all things frozen have obviously been whetted. While that’s all great preparation for your trip to Oslo and the ongoing OYA Festival / ØyaFestivalen (August 9th -13th), here’s our quick Eat, See, Do for visiting Oslo this weekend.

First things first, let’s familiarize you with some words you’ll see on a lot of menus.  Lovers of pork should look out for Flesk and Dupe (Pork and sauce), which is essentially salted pork meat fried ala bacon and served with a béchamel and some vegetables. The perfect Flesk and Dupe can be found at a home-style joint called, Olympen (Grønlandsleiret 15, 0190 Oslo, olympen.no). Farikal is a lamb and cabbage stew, kjøttkaker are large meatballs, but of course the food to fill your belly with would be seafood, seafood, glorious seafood. Fjord Restaurant is a mid price option that focuses on a seasonal menu, but if you’re willing to stretch the budget, we recommend heading to Dyna Fyr, a tourist haven yes, but there’s a reason for that. The restaurant is housed in an old lighthouse, the view is spectacular and so is the fish. Another famous haunt is Engebret Café, Oslo’s oldest restaurant at 150 years, which also features seasonal fish on the menu as well as some of Oslo’s best coffee, and great Norwegian brewed beers.

If you’re going all the way to Oslo, and you don’t make an effort to see the Fjords, the joke, my friend is on you. The Fjords are long, narrow inlets created by glacial erosion and Norway’s are the best example of them. Even if you just have a day, we suggest an overnight journey. What’s the best way to see Norway’s most beautiful scenery? Take the Norway in a Nutshell tour. Leave Oslo for Bergen by train early and in a few hours you’ll think you’re in a Grimm’s fairy tale. Emerald forests, blue lakes and countless little villages will pass you by as you journey over 18 snow sheds, over 300 bridges and 200 tunnels. Once you get to Flam, we suggest an overnight stop on the Fjord or even more which help you experience Kayaking, Dog Sledding and Glacier hiking across the many stops.

Take a picnic in Vigelandsparken and gaze at sculptures by Gustav Vigeland, Norway’s most celebrated sculptor. Get your fill of Viking history by heading to Vikingskiphuset to see three Viking burial vessels, which have been preserved in subsoil. Art lovers should flock to Munch Museum to catch up on the works of Norway’s most beloved painter, Edvard Munch. But please note that his most famous work, The Scream, hangs in the National Museum or Nasjonal Museet.

While OYA 2016 is sold out, last minutes tickets to Oya might still be available at the entrance and will retail at NOK 950.

(Image by Moyan Brenn)

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