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Continuing on from the last post we want to share our recommendations for the 23rd, 24th and 25th. I am terribly excited because I plan to actually be there for these!

Day 3 (23rd Jan):
We will most definitely begin at the Rajinigandha front lawns to witness The Conflict of Dharma in the Mahabharata with Amish Tripathi and Bibek Debroy. A little surprised to see Devdutt Pattnaik not part of this panel but I am always up for a debate about morality in this beguiling epic. After this I remain in my seat for ‘Wanderlust and the Art of Travel Writing’ with Paul Theroux but if I could split myself I would also head towards ‘Tigers in Red Weather’ with Valmik Thapar. Take a quick break and head to ‘Transpositions: Adapting History, Myth, and Fantasy for Television” moderated by my lovely agent, Mita Kapur.

Music: Perhaps the best day for music, the first act is the renowned Pakistani singer Sain Zahoor- Sufi at its sexiest, followed by Jazz from Dub Colossus.

Day 4 (24th Jan):
This day is full of hard choices. When you get an opportunity to hear Nicholos Taleb (the author of Black Swan) speak, you take it even if Girish Karnad is discussing a topic close to your heart next door. After this you head straight to ‘A history of the world in twelve maps’ with Jerry Brotton, because anytime time I’ve read or heard anything about maps I find myself saying extremely erudite things at dinner parties; much like Bumble Bees on Day 2. The next sessions will have you wishing for two heads. At Charbagh you have Rajdeep Sardesai picking apart the recent election but on the other hand you have Ella Berthoud and Indrajit Hazra talking about their most wonderful anthology- Novel Cures, a book that recommends a piece of reading according to your current ailment. Life is unfair. In the afternoon, we have to choose between V. S. Naipaul, in the flesh and…well there is no ‘and’ is there? You don’t get to see V. S. Naipaul everyday; it doesn’t matter if you’ve never read anything written by him in its entirety. It’s like having a six-headed snake in the next room; you’re petrified but you’re not going to miss it for the world.

Music: Did I just say yesterday was a good day for music? Well scratch that. Today you have the ridiculously talented Rizwan Muazzam Qawals followed by the Midival Punditz. Enough said.

Day 5 (25th January):
It’s the last day and while your brain is in serious danger of overstimulation and crying out for an episode of ‘Friends’, just hang on. Do not miss ‘Vox’ at 11:15. Nicholson Baker will be in conversation with Jeet Thayil. Read the book before hand if you can; it’s a master class in restrained erotica. Try and stay away from Rajinighanda as Sonam Kapoor will be launching Anupama Chopra’s book and you’ll probably be crushed in the stampede. Instead use that time to go find a seat for ‘Cultural Revolutions’ with Jung Chang. After this I will be off to take a nap and get pretty for my night out at the Writer’s Ball; I refuse to meet Aakar Patel with puffy eyes.

If you happen to be milling about at Diggi Palace, please contact or me on twitter at @rekrishnan. We’ll love to hear your thoughts!

If you are planning on visiting Jaipur Literature Festival 2015, then do check out our pages for the event and the city of Jaipur.

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