While travel and live events have come to halt, we will use this pause to plan our travel to the next destinations on our wish list, starting with Paradise Island, Bahamas.

The Bahamas is a major tourist attraction in North America. About 6.1 million holidaymakers visited the country in 2017, according to The Nassau Guardian. The Bahamas is made up of over 2,000 crays and 700 islands. Located at the shore of Nassau City, Paradise Island is amongst the most beautiful of these islands. In this article, we will discuss the top six tourist attractions in Paradise Island, Bahamas.

1.     Marine Habitat at Atlantis

The Bahamas has several caves, lagoons, and marine habitats. Marine Habitat at Atlantis has a variety of marine life including barracuda, eels, piranha, and rays. It is the biggest open-air marine habitat globally. Atlantis has 14 lagoons and over 50,000 marine animals. Tourists need to pay $70 to tour various marine habitats and lagoons in the regions. The package includes blankets and beach chairs.

2.     Dolphin Cay Atlantis

Dolphin Cay is a large marine-mammal habitat in the Bahamas. It started with 10 sea lions and 17 dolphins from Gulfport, Mississippi. The habitat offers exceptional animal rehabilitation services. Besides, Dolphin Cay allows guests to watch marine animal interactions, husbandry, and animal care. It provides in-water experiences in deep and shallow water.

You can kayak and paddleboard among various marine animals. The habitat uses its revenue to create solutions to different marine life challenges and to fund the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation.

3.     Atlantis Paradise Island

Atlantis Paradise Island is a popular casino tourism attraction in the Bahamas. It is an ocean-themed resort with different accommodations. Atlantis has lagoons, salt and freshwater lagoons, marine habitats, river slides, and water slides. Paradise Island Hotel and Casino operated Atlantis Paradise Island since its launch in 1968. Resorts International was the first owner of Atlantis. Donald Trump once owned a huge stake in the company before he sold Resorts International to Griffin.

Kerzner International Limited and Sol Kerzner bought Paradise Island in 1994. The new resort constituted The Beach Tower and the Coral Towers. The new owners changed its name to Atlantis after they built The Royal Towers. Brookfield Hospitality is the current owner of Atlantis Paradise Island.

4.     Cabbage Beach

Cabbage Beach is one of the top beaches in Nassau. But, many visitors struggle to locate it. It is located near the bridge at Nassau Cruise Port. You can walk for an hour or pay $4 for a can to go to Cabbage Beach. But, you can easily miss its entrance if you are not observant. It is a small dirt road without signage. Ask the taxi driver to drop you at “public access to Cabbage Beach.” The access road is near the RIU Hotel.

5.     Aquaventure

Aquaventure in Paradise Island, Bahamas, is a huge water park that has a unique theme. It was a concept intended to expand Paradise Island Resort. The Mayan temple slide tower, a raft ride hybrid, and The Current are notable features in the resort complexes.

6.     Fort Fincastle

Fort Fincastle is located in Nassau on the New Providence Island. It protects Nassau City and Lord Dunmore built it in 1793. Fort Fincastle overlooks the Queen’s Staircase and Nassau. It resembles a paddle steamer.

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