In the digital age, many free apps are available to meet your eco-friendly travel objectives with minimal hassle. If you are an app user or want to be, this article will show you five hip, useful and free apps to help you with your green travels and keep your mobile or internet device safe in the process. Apps can make your trip safer, greener, easier and a maybe just a little less stressful.

1. Green Globe
Green Globe provides information on green tourism throughout the world. You can search for eco-friendly hotels, resorts, cruises and much more. Go Green Globe gives you international eco-tourism all in one place. One of it’s top European cities is Amsterdam, which boasts more than 50 eco-friendly hotels.

This city in the Netherlands may be green in more ways than one with its world-famous Cannabis Cup each November. The Netherlands has also had a National Environmental Protection Plan in place for over 20 years!

2. HappyCow
HappyCow is the eco-diner’s dream for finding restaurants. Run by vegans and vegetarians, HappyCow seeks to assist travelers everywhere find vegan, vegetarian and healthy food.

In Amsterdam alone, you’ll find over 197 vegan, vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants listed. Who knew sustainability through dining could be so easy?

3. Spinlister
Like Airbnb, Spinlister helps you connect with trusted bike owners all over the world willing to rent out their bikes to you. You can search through thousands of rides by city, zip code, ride type, available dates, and more for one near you. After you verify the availability dates, you can put in a request and message the owner. Once confirmed, you can book and pay through the app.

Using Spinlister enables you to cut down on the use of rental cars, cabs or public transportation. The Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, has over 15,000 kilometers of biking trails. Just install the app, book your dates and choose your bike.


4. A VPN
Identity theft is very real, and you do not want it to happen to you, especially when you’re traveling. If hackers want to get to your information, it is easily accessible through an unsecured public WiFi hotspot. But you can prevent access if you have the right tools in place. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can act as your buffer, provide the best cybersecurity and still be eco-friendly.

Instead of slogging through over 200+ VPN services, Secure Thoughts provides a review of the best for protecting your information over public WiFi. A good VPN will give you peace of mind while traveling. And there is no paper trail, keeping it eco-friendly.

VPN Security

5. Mobile Passport
Have you ever been afraid of misplacing or losing your passport? If you’ll be traveling through U.S. Customs and Border Patrol anytime soon, then Mobile Passport can end that fear.

One feature of this app includes a designated Mobile Passport Control line, which is sure to be shorter than traditional customs lines. You can also set up your profile and re-use for future trips, so you no longer have to hunt for a pen or a paper form. Plus the app provides strong privacy protection to keep your information secure.

On top of all that, the Mobile Passport app is free to download on both the App and Google Play stores. For now, Mobile Passport is only available at one cruise port and 21 major US airports, but has plans to expand soon.

Everything you need to prepare you for the most memorable eco-tourist experience is in the apps listed above. Look up eco-friendly hotels, bike rentals, vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Secure your personal information while connecting to public WiFi, and breeze through U.S. Customs and Border Patrol on your return home. All on your mobile phone or tablet. Peace of mind and convenience will encourage you to have even more fun in Amsterdam!

Are there any other apps you use to make your travels more eco-friendly? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

(Image By Diamond Grant)

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