‘Another festival?’ you ask, and we don’t blame you but this is no ordinary festival. Before you read on, play this, a great soundtrack to the post:

So yes, this is no ordinary festival. First off, you’re not going to find yourself in a traffic jam getting there or having to battle it out of accommodation and neither will you see the same old tired acts that headline every single event. Future Theory  Festival (27th -28th February 2016) is just what its name implies, alternative indie EDM acts that are small enough to love what they do and global enough to be at the precipice of the next big electronic wave. And the best part? You get to be all futuristic while straddling the past, 17th century to be exact, since the festival is being held at the old Fort Jadhavgadh, about 22 Km from Pune, in the midst of fig and custard apple farms with a backdrop of the hill of Dive Ghat. The Fort is the only one in Maharashtra that’s been converted into a hotel yet it still retains the original facade. We’ll get to the accommodation soon, but first, a look at the line up.

I’d be lying if I told you I knew of all artists but one look at the roster and you know you’re in for a treat. We’ll start with ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK, an Italian DJ and producer whose tunes wish you were holding a Sidecar and staring into the sunset instead of staring at the computer. There’s Sandunes, a DJ based out of Mumbai that leans on her piano upbringing to create gorgeous tracks that will have you stargazing (they have official stargazers to help you begin) at possibly cloud free night skies contemplating constellations. We have DJ’s from Morocco (Kali G) and Croatia (Petar Dundov) as well as Goa (Iggy who still likes his Vinyl and one of my favorites) and Sleepwalker from Pondicherry. Check out the entire artist lineup at the official website. A quick sidenote – This is easily the slickest festival website I have browsed, India or International. And these are just the evenings, during the day you can go Mountain Biking or learn Capoeira while you eschew hotel food and head for food trucks.

A little bit about the property: The minimalist structure was built by Pilaji Jadhavrao, one of Chhatrapati Shahuji’s generals, as a safe haven and training center for soldiers. It now boasts 300 rooms across multiple categories. Eventraveler is proud to partner with Future Theory Festival to bring you ticket & accommodation packages to suit every pocket including Forest Cottages complete with chirping birds. Prefer even more alternative accommodation? White Collar Hippie is at your service offering tents with sleeping bags and dream catchers (No, seriously). Tickets start at Rs 1,800 for just the Sunday pass and Rs 3,000 for both days.

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