Hangovers are overrated, here’s what what’s really up in Las Vegas this June …

When I typed out, things to do in Las Vegas in June, I laughed out loud. If there’s one place in the world you don’t need a guide to, it has to be Vegas. It was created to stimulate and entertain, fulfill your every fantasy whether it’s horse riding, be part of a magic show, watch the biggest acts in the world live, be part of your very own ‘Hangover movie’, or just plain sit back and get the best massages in the world. I am not even getting into the gambling, because that would be too obvious. So here at Eventraveler, we are going to curate Vegas out for you a little so that you don’t feel as lost as a little kid in a candy shop.

For EDM lovers-

There is no better trip to fantasyland than EDC Las Vegas, brought to you by the leaders in cutting edge immersive events, Insomniac. As the name suggests, it truly is a carnival packed with the biggest names in EDM from AfroJack to legends like Digweed, that play to insane crowds across eleven phantasmagorical stages that play dance music including trap, bounce, trance, techno, bass, house, hard-style. Cutting edge production and costumes create a truly immersive, visually stimulating experience thanks to 30-foot interactive sculptures and fire breathing serpents; it makes Tomorrowland look like Lego land. There are rides, circus performers (it is a carnival folks), and the rest of the strip at your feet. What more can you ask for? Tickets start at $355 for General Admission and $699 for VIP.

Live music-

Three days of EDM not your thing? If you want pop, there’s nothing better than Vegas either because the biggest acts in the world come here, especially in summer. Catch J Lo at her new block from the 3rd of June to the 11th. Rock lovers can head to watch Def Leppard joined by Poison and Tesla on 17th of June, and Chicago on the 9th of June.

For some laughs-

If you were one of those that cracked up over the plot less genius that was Seinfeld (I preferred Frasier myself) catch Jerry Seinfeld at Caesars Palace between the 17th and 18th of June.

For some gasps –

Time out calls it Cirque du Soleil’s naughty little sister and Absinthe, Vegas’s most critically acclaimed and number one show is for adult eyes only. Bawdy outrageous humor and outlandish eye popping performances make it everyone’s pick for the summer but book now because tickets sell out quick. Prices begin at $99. Venue- the Spiegeltent at Caesars Palace. Magic lovers, because who doesn’t love watching someone pick a rabbit out of a hat, you have to catch Penn & Teller at Caesars palace.

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