Couples seeking to tie a knot in 2020 are facing a true dilemma. On the one hand, up to 64% of weddings are expected to be cancelled (as reported by wedding planning app, Bridebook). On the other hand, there are thousands of couples that refuse to change the date they chose for their big day. Of the many trends covering weddings in pandemic times, arguably the most popular is that of ‘tiny weddings’. These involve a small group of family and friends with the event being live-streamed to a wider group of loved ones. Opting for a tiny wedding makes sense; across the globe, newspapers are reporting on outbreaks that have occurred at weddings, the latest occurring at a reception in northern Spain. If you have decided to forego a big wedding for a tiny wedding and amazing honeymoon all in one, the following destinations may appeal.

A Preliminary Note on Streaming your Wedding Live

Even if you will be having a small wedding, enlisting the help of a wedding planner is a good idea, as it will help with catering choices, décor, and music. If you want to stream your ceremony or reception, then you will need to research beforehand on tools such as video conferencing platforms, website templates, microphones, interactive tools, and the like. You may decide to bring your own speakers and camera to ensure audio and video are top quality. You can also practice before you leave with your virtual guests, connecting your speakers up to multi-presenter sessions so you can use tools like Zoom, Webex, and OBS at once so virtual guests can use the tools they prefer.

Lanzarote, Spain

Spanish airports have all been open since the first week of July and if you are ready to brave a flight to Europe, then Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is a good choice, since it currently has a very low COVID-19 rate compared to bigger cities like Madrid. Lanzarote makes the ideal spot for a small wedding on the beach, with unique beaches like Playa de las Malvas, which has stunning black sands and beautiful natural plunge pools amidst dramatic rocky landscapes.

Corfu in Greece

This is another paradisiacal destination with beautiful beaches and lush vegetation that make for gorgeous Instagrammable wedding pics. Corfu has managed to keep its COVID-19 rate up to 50 times lower than most European countries, and it has a host of vacation venues that suit small wedding groups. That is, you can opt for individual villas for your guests, ensuring that everyone is close by but independent enough to feel like they are living their very own idea of a holiday.

Tokyo, Japan

Not everyone wishing to travel for a small wedding is into seaside destinations. For some couples, nothing beats the happening vibe of big city living, which makes Tokyo a good choice for your next tiny wedding. The Japanese government has made big strides in terms of hygiene and cleanliness and accommodations have various safety measures in place – including reduced occupancy, temperature checks upon arrival, contactless check-ins and -outs, powerful air purifiers, and the like. Places that are known for their romantic vibe include Kyoto (with its stunning bamboo forests and Zen gardens), Mijajima (with its floating Torii gate), and the five lakes at the base of the sacred mountain that is Mount Fuji.

Lanzarote, Corfu, and Greece are just three destinations that are enjoying a reputation for safety during the current pandemic. All of these also boast stunning views of natural sites and some (like Tokyo) also offer the excitement of city life. Your tiny wedding can have just two attendees (the couple itself) but still be streamed life. If you opt for the latter, ensure you bring the right equipment and practice with friends so they know how to connect up to you at the exact moment that you say ‘I do’.

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