Music is the soul of the heart that rhythms and what’s better than to groove together with your friends at one of the largest music festivals in India. As the cold sets in, it is time for you to head for an extravagant carnival of food, drinks and music. The Sula Fest is coming your way with its 13th edition, and we assure you that it will serve you memories of a lifetime. Moreover, as the name suggests, it is a festival for all the wine lovers brought to you by the Sula brand. Here are all the reasons why you should head to SulaFest 2020.

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend SulaFest 2020 

SulaFest 2020 will take place in India’s largest vineyard in Nashik, Maharastra in the month of February. Laying back against the picturesque backdrop of vineyards, sipping wine and having the time of your life with your squad; the excitement couldn’t get bigger and better. As the sun goes down, the music gets louder, stars flicker brighter and the night more intoxicating. Block your calendar and book your heads because of this something that you must put in your “things to do in 2020” calendar.

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1.India’s First Vineyard Musical Festival

Surround yourself with the greens of the fragrant grapevines while you celebrate the festival. Sula fest is known to be India’s first vineyard music festival. The festival happens every year in February when the bright crystals of grapes ripen to ooze the juiciest of the essence. Furthermore, with the pleasant weather to compliment it, this vineyard knows how to celebrate the harvest season with all the pomp. Come February, SulaFest 2020 is the event to experience with your friends.  

2.All Things Wine

Calling out all the wine connoisseurs! You may be a person who likes to sip their glass of wine adorned in a glamorous red carpet outfit, or you may be a couch potato who loves to have a glass of wine to their Netflix movie night; whatever the case, wine is a partner to take you through all the odds. If you are searching for a core reason to head to Sula Fest 2020, then we have the best of them all. It is all about wines! You can sip on as many wines as you want. Apart from that, you will get to take a few tips back home from professional winemakers on the art of winemaking. For those who will go for SulaFest 2020 VIP passes, the organisers conduct customised tours and tastings of these sparkly drinks. Moreover, you get to have a grape stomping session! Remember to clean your feet thoroughly before you enter the bucket of mushy grapes to squeeze. This fun affair will leave you feet a little messy but smiles brightening all along.

3.Scenic Backdrop

SulaFest 2020

Set away from the lights and bustle of the city, the Sula farms are located amidst hill ranges. The soothing breeze of early spring along with the soft swaying of the lofty vineyards takes a little closer to your being. The grounds of Sula Fest 2020 provides for the perfect camping and glamping grounds. Moreover, they offer a barbecue as well as a steaming hot breakfast with your accommodation. Can you imagine the magic of laying under a starry night sky? With the fast pace of the world, the chance to just lay low under the stars is a must add to your bucket list.


4.Drinking Galore

SulaFest 2020

A drinking haven, we must say! When you have one of the largest vineyard surrounding you, it is no wonder that you will be drowning in the alcoholic waters. The Sula Fest 2020 will have a wide selection of not only wines but beers and cocktails too. You will get served unique wine selections from Sula like Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc. If you are in for some other brands, then you get the options like Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, Jagermeister, Asahi Super Dry Beer and Grants Reserve. Tap it in your “things to do” list to try out sinful mixes of cocktails, the crafted range of beers and fanciest of liquors. The field is yours, and there is no stopping. 

5.Delectable Cuisines

Sulafest 2020

What is a festival without food? Food is the top reason why you should go to Sula Fest 2020. With stalls serving world-famous varieties of cuisines, you will be left asking for more. From saucy hot hotdogs to the creamiest of sweet bagels, your taste buds are in for a treat. Besides, you have to agree with us when we say that there is nothing better than nibbling on a few chicken wings laying on dew filled grass while sipping on a mug of chilled beer.

6.Shop Till You Drop

Have your tummies full? Then surf the grounds a little more. The fest line stalls as far as eyes can see. In the colourful swarming tents, these stalls house quirky merchandise, handmade jewellery and hippie stationaries. At Sula fest 2020, you can even get tarot card readings or ink an art onto your skin to fire up your thrill a little more. Caricatures and portrait artists offer utterly engaging entertainment to your already fun-filled evening! For all the wine lovers and collectors, few stalls even store special collections of wine racks and openers. 

7.A Carnival Of Games

Add a little twist to your evening with the carnival of games they provide. At SulaFest 2020, indulge in-stall games that will take you back to your childhood fairs. One of our favourites from last year’s Sula Fest was the selfie game. The game requires you to approach a random stranger and to click a selfie with them within a minute. If that is not enough to get your attention, remember that you win attractive prizes as well. If you consider yourself a selfie master, then this game is for you to try out! Ditch your shy scarf and let your inner child out. Furthermore, if your pride lies in your drinking capacity, then try your hands at their various drinking games.

8.Pumping Performances

SulaFest 2020

I like to move it move it; I like to MOVE IT! No festival is complete without music and Sula Fest in its way is music festival. Expect adrenaline rushing performances from various artists, Indian and International, to rock your evening. As the sun sets, gather around the stage for mind-blowing performances and hand bangers. Last year’s fest saw the likes of Shankar Mahadevan, DIVINE and Nothing Anonymous setting fire to the crowd. Not to mention, Jungle from UK and Mother’s Cake from Austria. We are sure that this year’s lineup will be bigger and better with their raving new hits and tunes to jam to.

9. Get More Than You Give To The Environment

SulaFest 2020

With the chaining environment, it is a duty to give back to mother nature as much as we take from her. Sula Fest 2020 is one of the most sustainable festivals in the country. Every ticket you buy, the money goes in planting and growing a new plant in the yard. While you are there, we would advise you to throw your trash in the designated trash cans as well. There may not be anyone monitoring you, but it doesn’t hurt to be the good guy.

10. Make Memories

The primary reason for you to go to Sula Fest 2020 is for you to have a good time with your dearest friends and make memories. A memory to not only remain stamped in a photograph but to be painted in the depths of your memory. While you are there, you will get to meet people from around the world. Join in their jam sessions by the camp or shake your booty to the grand tunes. Who knows, you might make some new friends? The idea is to let go, live the moment and free yourself. After all, you only live once.



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