By Reshma Krishnan Barshikar

February is fast becoming everyone’s favorite time of the year; the month when there are more events than there are weekends. SulaFest is in its 10th year and the festival that truly honors Bacchus has only gotten bigger and better with every edition offering a little something for everyone; music for the dancer, a hippy vibe for the flower band wearer; shopping for the addict and great food so much so its less about the music and more about experiencing a great long weekend with shiny happy people.

The great thing about the SulaFest 2017 lineup is that it’s truly world music; an ethos the festival has been faithful to from the very start. Headliners include Bloc Party, the UK Indie act that wowed the world with the debut LP Silent Alarm. Pitchfork called the band ‘good ol’ unchallenging rock’. They are back with Hymns, an album laced with religious overtones and one that has NME saying, ‘Praise Be.’

Bit of Both is the live electronic project of Ash Roy and Ashvin Mani Sharma – two of India’s prominent producers and founding members of the now erstwhile Jalebee Cartel – India’s most successful live underground music act. Listening to the duo always transports me to Anjuna sunsets and a backdrop of vineyards will no doubt leave you with the same otherworldly feeling. I am going for Jan Blomqvist and Band, who will entrance you with perfect electro-pop. Grab a beer, find your own speaker and focus on the beat, pretty tunes with soft breathy vocals.

Then there’s our very own king of dubstep, Nucleya, who has just come off his own massive multi city Bass Yatra, Raja Baja. We hope he plays a very long set which features the lovely vocals of Kavya Trehan. It’s not all drum and base. There’re also the usual suspects Indian Ocean and Raghu Dixit, who will have you swaying to familiar tunes.

Fear not, lovers of lyrics, it’s not all electronic. Enter the Swingrowers, a quartet from Sicily who are all about the electro-swing, feet tapping music with enough synthetic beats thrown it to make it attractive to a millennial crowd that will scream ‘kale’ and throw organic tomatoes at anything too old fashioned. There’s SKA and reggae from the Fanculos as well as the Ska Vengers and much, much more including Afro Celt Sound System and Infected Mushroom.

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