Heigh- Ho Heigh- Ho and off to the US music festivals we go…

“The scale confers importance; the crowds confer worthiness. Eighty thousand people can’t be wrong”, says stereogum.com of Coachella and the ever-burgeoning world of music festivals. While Coachella can’t boast of a history equivalent of Glastonbury – it only began in 1999, its line up in recent years as well as its size have managed to edge out what many consider is the pinnacle of all festival experiences. Arcade Fire, Muse, and Outkast, who actually announced their reunion at the event, headlined Coachella 2014. Glastonbury might be bigger, but Coachella packs in the people- 175,000 and counting. 2015 will see AC/DC, Jack White, Drake packing in the crowds at five stages and this is not including Florence & the Machine, David Guetta, FKA Twigs, and Flying Lotus giving you a huge choice in genre, be it Indie Rock, EDM or Hip Hop. That’s not saying it’s not commercial – they’ve got an H&M collaboration for god sakes, but that doesn’t seem to deter the crowds who come in all ages and musical disposition; this is no Ultra Miami. And they’re willing to cough up lots of green, (that imagery didn’t work did it?) General Admission tickets were priced at $400 and VIP tickets at $899. We hope you’ve already booked your tickets because everything has sold out. Everything, except companion parking.

I wouldn’t worry because you have Coachella’s cousin, Stagecoach, soon after in April (24th – 26th), perfect for every closet country music fan – you know who you are. Even if you’re not, great music is great music and what more, there’s a line-dancing tent called the Honky Tonk Dance Hall; I can’t think of a better way to experience America as a tourist. While Standing Pit tickets have sold out, General Admission ($269) and Corral Reserved seating (799) are still available. Headliners comprise the three reigning kings and queen- Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton from The Voice. You also have Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves whose hit song, Follow Your Arrow, can be heard below. Held at the Polo Club in Indio, California, you have great off-site camping options as well as resort options.

Governor’s Ball Music Festival:
If you’re planning to be in New York in summer- you lucky monkey, we suggest you plan your dates around the Governor’s Ball Music Festival, a three- day music festival held on Randall’s Island in New York City. Its 2015 lineup rivals Coachella and these are the artists I want to see: Florence & the Machine, St. Vincent, The Decemberists, Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey, and Flying Lotus. EDM favorite Deadmau5 is also headlining. While Early Bird tickets have sold out, everything else is available and the cherry on the top is that you can also buy Single Day admission tickets ($105). That’s 6500 odd rupees to see Drake, Florence & the Machine and St Vincent, not including the eighteen other performers on Friday June 5th; it’s a steal, a no-brainer, a … you get what I mean. Then there’s the food. New York food trucks! Enough said. Find more details on the festival here. We will cover your trip in more detail in about a week. Watch this space for more details on what to Eat, See & Do in New York.

Reshma’s guilty indulgence is the soppy soap opera, Nashville, and she’s super chuffed that the cast is going to be playing and is using this one opportunity to share one of her favorite tracks from the TV show. Please bear with her.



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