Forget about our usual introductions for a change and let’s get down to business.

Tomorrowland (24th – 26th July, 2015):
Tickets are still available for Tomorrowland. Yes, they did sell out within hours of going on sale in February but resale sites have quite a few available still. While these tickets are sold at a premium to the original price, the rates are coming down day by day. Check our Tomorrowland page for current availability and prices. Aren’t I your fairy godmother? My guess is they split the festival into three and more than a few ticketholders, mostly the American crowd, preferred to hit the sister TomorrowWorld in Atlanta or the one held in San Paulo last month.

Here’s some further incentive to book. You know how most festivals have headliners, acts that anchor the entire festival. How about a festival with no headliners because there are just too many stars? It’s not just Alesso; its Alesso followed by Guetta followed by Avicii all in one night. Oh, and let’s just cap that night off with the great Carl Cox and try to get some Digweed in if you can. And that’s just the 24th of July. If you happen to be in Belgium, extend your trip and head to Boom for the weekend. Take bus 500 from Antwerpen to Boom. Friday Regular Pass starts at $447 per person. Make all your bookings – event tickets, flights and hotels, on our Tomorrowland trip planner for a weekend of absolute madness!

Wireless Festival (4th – 6th July, 2015):
If you happen to be in London this weekend, then tickets are still available for the Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park. While Friday is sold out, you can catch Kendrick Lamar on the 4th and Guetta & Nicki Minaj on the 5th. Our Wireless Festival trip planner let’s you check and book everything from event tickets to flights and accommodation for the event. Want to know what to get up to on Friday? Check out our London Summer series.

Sziget Music Festival (10th – 17th August, 2015):
If you’re a little bit of EDM and a little bit of a rocker with some pop thrown in then you really cannot beat Sziget at Budapest in Hungary. It is my one of my favorite festivals of this year and goes on from the 10-17th of August; it’s a great anchor for a good two-week vacation to Budapest, Hungary. It’s another great example of too many headliners- Robbie Williams, Kings of Leon, Ellie Golding, Avicii, Kasabian, The Script and Florence + the Machine, who’s everywhere this year. I’d like to see her miles report. Ooh … The Ting Tings are playing too! Day tickets are super reasonable and start at Euro 55 while 5-day passes are great value at Euro 219. Sziget, an island accessible over land, is a mere 25 minutes from Budapest by train. Tickets and other bookings can be made on the Eventraveler trip planner for Sziget.

Reshma is busy working on building you lucky folks a wonderful itinerary for Budapest, so book tickets via and let us know what your plans are. Also do check out the first part of our roundup of major European music festivals.

(Image by Sebastien Camelot)

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