Most people would call them crazy. Setting up 52 Km of cabling 400 Km from the nearest city and transporting 87,000 Lt of free drinking water and offering 5,000 Lt of free tea. But the guys from Ragasthan are not joking when they invite you to listen to music in the middle of nowhere alongside another 5,000 or so festival goers and countless shooting stars for company. Here’s what you need to lookout for at Ragasthan 2018!


Ragasthan’s lineup pulls no punches. Three stages cater to three distinct sounds you can gravitate towards depending on the way your internal compass turns.


Morio caters to global pop and rock and brings us festival favorites like Tetseo Sisters the sister quartet from Nagaland whose cover of Nothing On You beats the original by a mile, as well as Barmer Boys, the Rajasthani gypsy singers who are carrying the torch forward for the Manganiyars community. My personal favourite are Prabh Deep and Man.Goes.Human.

Prabh Deep who’s making sure Indian hip-hop claims its rightful place in the current zeitgeist. Hip-hop in my opinion is where innovation is at the moment, and this 23-year-old rapper from Delhi has shifted the conversation from Bacardi shots to education and youth suicide. It reminds me of a young MC Solaar and watching him on stage will probably make your entire trek to these sand dunes worthwhile. Once your spirit has been galvanized, spread a blanket and go on a magic carpet ride with Man.Goes.Human, whose moody tone will make the stars just for you. Come on, you loved those references!


EDM lovers need not mope because the ‘thump thump’ can be found at Ammara. Christ Burstein, a massive Sunburn name (sigh, those were the days), will be headlining alongside Bemet, the quirky Electronic Hip Hop artist who got famous on the back of ‘Mumbai Dance’.


One of the standout features of Ragasthan is their focus on headlining homegrown musicians and to that end including the likes of Man.Goes.Human and Dhruv Visvanath, the guitarist with some of the most gorgeous acoustic percussion skills in the world, (Acoustic Guitar Magazine, 30 best guitarists under 30). What’s even better is that he’s just one of the artists who play at Birakha, the third stage that caters solely to Indie Acoustic. Fed up of anything connected, that’s where you head to get completely unplugged. Get it? Unplugged. Come on!

… And More

When you’re not shaking a leg, take in some independent cinema at Ujalo, or set up an art installation ala Burning Man, ride in a hot air balloon, or shop and be merry.


So what’s the stay situation like in the middle of nowhere you ask? Quite nice actually. You have three options – BYOT (Bring your own tent), Swiss tent with bells and whistles (such as an en suite water closet) and a Premium Swiss Tent where the bells and whistles are made of wood rather than plastic. The premium Swiss tents are currently sold out but the Early Bird Swiss tent for two costs Rs 38,200. Traveling alone? Then your ticket will cost you Rs 12,500 and you will share a female/male tent with four others. All tent packages are available at Also choose to stay in Jaisalmer and book hotel packages and transport packages through yours truly, Eventraveler.

Getting there

Train it, plane it, or drive it with large groups that are being formed in WhatsApp groups. If you take the train or decide to fly there, you can book a transport package from

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