Finding the best vacation destination can be quite a hassle. While Eventraveler offers you different sports and music events to travel to and around, you can also use Pinterest for inspiration. The 2018 Pinterest travel trends are now out, and with over four billion options, Pinterest has got you covered.

Solo Traveling

Everyone is always glad about going for a vacation or just enjoying the weekend away. Solo trips are the in thing nowadays, we all want some alone time and discover new places on our own. Sometimes family and friends can let you down, so just hit the road on your own!

Beyond Popular Attractions

Quite often, big cities and famous tourist sites can be overcrowded leading to a disappointing experience. In such a scenario, it makes sense to explore small towns that have their heritage and culture is a fun thing. The top 2018 Pinterest travel trends has got it all – and could make your planning easier.

Traditionally, art and culture, defined by paintings and sculptures, has been a major travel theme. It is for this reason that destinations such as France and Italy had grown in popularity. However, in today’s day and age, your itinerary could feature new countries. You can cover places yet unexplored, and beaches untouched.

Culinary Traveling

When we say Pinterest has got your back, we do mean it. Food is an inspiration for people who want to sample different cuisines. For instance, some will travel all the way to France to have a taste of the famous Michelin star restaurants. Some will want to sample famous wines; they will go to vineyards just for that experience.

Different Ways of Traveling

While air travel remains popular, train and water travel are the way to go if you are looking for something different. Train travel is quite convenient in Europe and one can enjoy the beauty of the country while traveling between cities. Traveling on rivers has existed for centuries and in a number of places from Europe to South America you can get a flavor of the place by taking a cruise on a boat.

Adventure Traveling

Life is boring without a pinch of adventure! The adrenaline rush that you get from zip lining climbing a high wall makes the whole experience worth it. While some people might want to keep it calm and classy by indulging in photography or cooking, if something sets your heart on fire, you should do it!

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