Traveling soundtracks are back (here’s part I in case you missed it) and this month we’re heading to Rome, Monaco and Barcelona to carry on with our theme of music and traveling.

When I think of Italian music, three singers come to mind. Pavarotti, Eros Ramazotti and Andrea Bocelli; all three are household names. Get familiar with their music and you’ll be the darling of every Italian’s heart. Ramazotti’s most famous tune is Se Bastasse Une Calzone and the version I have chosen for you is his duet with the legendary Pavarotti. Imagine them together, under the lights, with a hundred thousand people singing along with them. Magical. Andrea Bocelli needs no introduction; I have been listening to him since I was a child, every morning as my mother dropped me or picked me up from school. My favorite album is the mellifluous Romanza, almost too sweet, cloying even but I can’t imagine anything else while you sit in a small café in Tuscany, perhaps looking out into a little renowned square sipping some Chianti. Voglio Restare Cosi is perfect …

No, we are not going to leave you heading to Rome with songs that your mother listens to. We may be old, but we want you to come back to this blog. Here are some of the top songs on the Italian singles and album charts at the moment.

Formula One makes your blood rush and it’s no surprise that we’re not listening to Rihanna wail, something she’s been doing too much of late. I am thinking Chicane Red Skies, The Quemists- Stomp Box, and the theme tune to Rush. But here’s one of my all-time favorite driving tunes and then continue to listen to the song after…

Flamenco, the Tango, Bossa Nova, Bolero, there is no question this music is all about fire, be it a slow flame or raging inferno. Even my otherwise pragmatic writing can’t help but taken on a veneer of drama.

Here’s our Soundcloud playlist, it’s a mish mash but it will put you in any mood you want. Let’s start with a little bit of Paris shall we?

(Image by Sascha Kohlmann)

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