Can you locate Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka, the three sisters of Orion’s Belt? Probably, but in Mumbai or Delhi, it’s almost impossible to discern the rest of the hunter. But not in the Thar Desert, which boasts among the clearest skies in Asia, and provides a perfect place to fall in love with our solar system. Stargazing with experts is one of the many experiences Mahindra Open Sky affords you during the two-day music festival held in Reggie’s Camel Camp Osian Jodhpur. Gaze up at the sky and learn how to spot Mars or Venus hiding in the constellation of Virgo with your naked eye, or Asteroid 7 Iris with a small telescope. Other complimentary activities include a late night movie screening as you snuggle under a blanket beside a roaring fire.

Mahindra Open Sky is just as interesting during the day, and continues to cater to the curious mind. Learn to make kites, bangles and perhaps your own tie & dye scarf at the Souk that runs through the festival. Engage with artisans from all over Rajasthan go beyond the artifact to learn a little about the art itself, from artisans who have been doing this for generations. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon with the kids, away from the high sun of the desert.

Perhaps you want to feel like Indiana Jones and feel the vroom under your feet. If so the Mahindra Adventure Off Roading experience is your perfect thrill. Hold your breath a while as the Mahindra Off-roading experts introduce you to the world of 4-wheel driving and teach you the basics of navigating the desert. Learn about counter steering and placing your wheel astride ruts and hollows in the road. Traversing dunes in the Mahindra fleet is no easy endeavor and this 2-hour session will have your heart racing. For instance learn why you always go straight up and down a dune with no sideways trajectory because it gives your vehicle more stability through a lower centre of gravity; it offers the driver more control, and reduces the danger of shifting sand.

Want a more elegant jaunt through the dunes? Sway with the surefooted camel through the Thar? Well you came to the right place. Mahindra Open Sky will help co-ordinate a Camel Safari experience. Yes, you’ll probably flip and flop like all tourists as you try to mount, even as your experienced camel rider looks on with a restrained smirk, but once you’re six feet off the ground, high above the dunes, you’ll be able to see the landscape shift beneath you as it always has.

In the desert, parts of the day turn like seasons and twilights are magical, made even more so by a perfect glass of bubbly. Champagne sunsets are a perfect way to steal a moment by yourself, or with a loved one. Follow it up with a Romantic Dune Dinner just before you head to the main stage to catch Ayushmann Khurrana serenade the starry night.

While the Stargazing and the Souk are part of the general itinerary, the Mahindra Offroading, Camel Safari, Champagne Sunsets and Romantic Dune Dinner are exclusive add on activities. Please contact Eventraveler to book your preferred experience.

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