Reshma Krishnan Barshikar

Reshma, who’s heading to Jaipur with an acclaimed book under her belt, delves into the logistics of attending the Jaipur Literature Festival.

What’s free?
One of the best things about the Jaipur Lit Fest is that it is free. You can register here and walk into any session you like. But the good news ends there because you are going to have to pay for everything else. You will have to pay to attend the Writers Ball on the 25th of January. Food can be bought at the food stalls and you will have to pay for the music festival at Hotel Clarks Amer.

Why should I register as a Delegate?
If the Jaipur Literature Festival 2015 is free why is everyone buying tickets? Delegate tickets get you a little more than just a fancy nametag that makes you feel special albeit not very stylish. Topic for next blog post- why are event nametags so ugly? But that’s a post for another day – we WILL come back to this. The pass affords you two yummy square meals a day, the choice of attending the Pre-Opening dinner (21st January) or the Writers Ball on the 25th January (Er… that was easy!) and the opportunity to accost a literary crush and force them to share a drink with you. You also get free access to the music concerts at both the front lawns at the Diggi Palace and the Hotel Clarks Amer.

How much will it cost?
Delegate passes will now set you back Rs 3,500 a day or Rs 14,000 for five days (Excludes taxes). Passes will be priced at Rs 4,000 on the day. While you might have missed out on the early bird price, sleeping in means you can now choose your days according to whose session you want to swoon at. I for one will be missing Nasserudin Shah in conversation with Girish Karnad because I wanted to book early; somehow I still paid Rs 3,500 due to sheer laziness.

Where do I Sleep?
No, you are not going to be able to stay at Diggi Palace and tear it up with Aakar Patel; I tried three months ago and failed. Some of the more popular hotels might have sold out but here is a list of some tried and tested options. If you’re wallet is bulging, there is still room at the stunning Oberoi Rajvilas, the heritage Jai Mahal Palace and The Raj Palace Grand. For those with slightly slimmer albeit pretty clutches, here are some affordable options courtesy of the Siyahi Literary agency based out of Jaipur- Arya Niwas, Tara Niwas and Megh Niwas. For more on where to stay in Jaipur, how to reach the venue and more, check Eventraveler’s Jaipur Literature Festival and Jaipur pages.

Reshma Krishnan Barshikar is a travel writer and contributes to National Geographic Traveller, India Today Travel Plus and Helter Skelter. When in Mumbai, she can be found at the NCPA library researching her next novel. Her debut novel, Fade Into Red, is a romantic ode to wine and Tuscany and was published by Random House India in August 2014. For more details visit her website

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