Life is short; you shouldn’t think twice about doing something fun! Live events like concerts, sports events, expos, and music festivals are a great way to enjoy with friends. But not all events are as fun as you’d wish; poor event management or a lousy performance can really mar your experience. You can avoid such situations through prior research to find event reviews before you buy a ticket, book a hotel room, or rent an RV.

While it’s not possible to fully predict how a live event will actually be, reviews help you see its past performance. In this post we have talk about some sources to find event reviews. for Past Reviews is a website that publishes a review of recent concerts. Its team members visit the event or conduct thorough research to understand the magnitude of its success or failure. They take a number of factors into account to determine how good the event was. Their reviews include details from entering the venue to backstage selfies. With their extensive live event experience they are uniquely positioned to compare different concerts and the fan experience they provide. for Concerts is a good resource to find details of upcoming concerts as well as reviews of past events. As opposed to, does not provide its own reviews. The reviews are created by fans who have visited these events. You can find hundreds of reviews for each event explaining every little detail there is to know about it.

Google for Performer Reviews

While Google would appear to be an obvious choice, its effectives also relies on how you use it. Google has a knowledge base of its own. Instead of redirecting you to another website, it tries to bring you to a straight answer. Simply write the performer name and city name with the word ‘reviews’ in the search and you could get all details you are looking for.

Many businesses have now integrated attendee feedback tool on their website which allows them to collect feedback or reviews. Google understands the concept of reviews and brings them directly to the user. for Events across Categories covers a wide range of events across the world. Whether it is an expo, convention, or a fair, you can find its details on this website. It also allows you to search for an event by category or industry. It shows you the date, timings, entry fees, other editions of the event, and the number of participants. Every user can also share his or her review about an event on the website.

One thing that it lacks though is celebrity concerts. While you can find music festivals from around the world that will be attended by popular artistes, you won’t find a listing of concerts on the basis of a particular performer.

Experience events live with

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