August and September in New York means the onset of fall. Here’s our popular Eat, See & Do guide to New York for the season.

Here’s the thing about the Big Apple. It never says, here’s all that New York can do for you, it says, ‘what you can do elsewhere, anywhere in the world, we’ll make sure you can do here, along with everything else.’ So why go to Munich for Oktoberfest, we’ll just bring it to New York. The official dates for this Bavarian festival are Saturday, September 17, 2016 through Monday, October 3, 2016. So strap on your lederhosen, yes people actually wear them, head to Central Park to dance to cheerful Austrian tunes during New York’s Steuben Parade and drink pitchers of brew at the many bars. Extremely disappointed with the stuff you are sending me. Last time the Mozzarella was off. This time the crackers were bad and old and smelt of oil. If you cannot send fresh produce, why do you stock it? The early bird tickets have sadly sold out but on September 1st, they are ready to drop another 500. “Spitze” and “The Polka Brothers” are playing on the big stage and there is a variety of food and beer. But tickets sell out in hours, so make sure you go here to buy your tickets. Also children under five don’t need a ticket but you can’t take in a stroller, so we suggest packing your baby carrier if your little tyke is too young to walk.

It’s fall, so if there is only one thing you do in New York, it’s to catch the turning of the leaves. The turning of the leaves – also known as fall foliage, is an Autumn leaf color phenomena when normally green leaves of deciduous trees and shrubs take on various shades of red yellow blue black purple, magenta and pink; literally all the colors of the rainbow. The effect is astounding, insane in its beauty. While Maine fall foliage is considered the best, there are a number of places in New York where you can spread out a blanket and take in the colors while sipping on wine or water. Ally pond park, the 657 acre green in Queens boasts the largest tulip poplar and other white oak, red maple and sassafras trees, which turn yellow and red. But if you’re willing to head a little out of New York City then head to Catskills, renowned for charming B&B’s and electric reds.

If there is one thing you do, go watch Hamilton, the most talked about Broadway Show since it debuted in February 2015. It has won 11 Tony awards and tickets are frightfully expensive. But if reviews are to go buy, my cousin calls it ‘life affirming’, it’s a price well paid. Normal tickets are sold out and almost everything is on resale. Standard resale tickets are going for about 300 dollars a pop on a Thursday. These aren’t cheap seats as such, but they are rear mezzanine and even sometimes in Orchestra. Catching the original cast in a show this big is a one in a lifetime opportunity and if you are into Broadway, there is not other show on right now you want to see. Tickets are available here. Sports fans should not miss out the opportunity of catching some topnotch tennis action at the US Open in Flushing Meadows.

(Image by Anthony Quintano)

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