Classier than Bangkok, edgier than Singapore and more multicultural than Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur is the true ‘melting pot’ that is home to Satay, temples and lots of traffic. You have the glitz of Petronas, the rush of China Town and the splattering of the Tamil to make you feel at home. We know you’re heading there for the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix and are as excited as us to catch Lenny Kravitz for free in the bargain, but there’s a lot else to do in KL. Here’s our famous Eat, Do & See guide to Kuala Lumpur for the 27th, 28th and the 29th of March.

But first, let’s start with the weather; it’s gonna be wet tyres all the way because you’re heading for some hot and clammy yet wonderful racing. It’s a balmy 33 degrees so carry that umbrella. Here’s a really sexy one from Nappa Dori. Travel in style we say.

‘Nom nom nom’ away on Malay, Hunan Chicken & Rice. Enough said, as I always say. Bijan is excellent for Malay food- their rendang and ayam percik are particularly good but pass on the sangria, which they blend to mush. Enakis another favorite where home-style Malay recipes handed down the generations make for blissful eating. Signature dishes are sambal tumis udang (fried chili prawns) and ayam goreng lengkuas (fried chicken with blue ginger). Hungry after clubbing? Make a beeline for Kim Lian Kee at 49 Jalan Petaling and pig out on Hokkien mee, otherwise known as black mee which consists of fat wheat noodles fried with pork and seafood in a rich, inky sauce, perfect way to clear your drunken haze. Make your way to the old stall (open from 5:30 pm to 4:30 am) right across from its fancy sister. If you’re willing to take the road less traveled, head to Sambal Hijau at Jalan Sungei Pencala (beside the mosque) for traditional Malay favorites.

Food lovers can also head to Piring-Piring, a music and food event that combines sausages and Vinyl vendors. It’s at Bukit Bintang on Sunday 29th March. Connoisseurs of EDM or people who just want to flail their hands in the air should head to hear Kura at Zoukon Friday night, perfect after race clubbing. But my favorite thing to do in KL is not the clubbing or even the food, but a walk through the world’s largest free flight walk in aviary at the KL Bird Park. A fume free zone only 5 minutes from KL Sentral Station! You can gaze at flamingoes and hornbills, get chased by peacocks, and watch Brahminy kites soar in a feeding frenzy.

You can see Young Malay art for free at the Rantai Art festival at Malaysia Tourism Center. Theatre geeks should check out “We Are Theatrethreesixty 2015”, a mini arts festival that runs over five days and hosts two live performance galleries. If clubbing is not for you and you prefer some live music, then head to No Black Tie at 17 Jalan Mesui on Saturday the 28th to watch American pianist and drummer duo JU/NY jam and jazz with electropop songster Darren Ashley; think hip hop and R&B all night long.

Reshma is extremely chuffed about knowing the difference between the use of wet and dry tires in Formula 1. Write in if you think she’s horribly wrong at

(Image by Spreng Ben)

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