The Mahindra Blues Festival, held annually at the iconic Mehboob Studio located in Mumbai, has genuinely become a gateway for millions to discover the true essence of the blues. Showcasing a remarkable lineup of artists from the top of the tree, it takes people on a mesmerizing journey of blues that only get more euphoric every year. 

The Mahindra Blues Festival has had nine tremendous editions filled with performances that cannot be forgotten easily. Let’s take a look back at the event’s spectacular history and go on a blues trail to relive its most incredible moments over the years. 

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Five Unforgettable Performances At The Mahindra Blues Festival

Sugaray Rayford

To us, Sugaray Rayford is one of the remarkable artists to produce emotion-wrapped melodies that travel straight to the hearts of the audience. Born in America, Rayford is a dedicated electric blues singer and songwriter, who with his immense love for blues has served his audience with a stunning version of “Comfortably Numb” a track originally produced by Pink Floyd. This spectacular performance by Rayford made people call him the repository of the classic as he achieved to honor the track with resonance. Check out the video below to live through his commendable performance at MBF 2019. 

Charlie Musselwhite

If we have to name an artist who truly knows his instruments inside out, then we won’t be amiss mentioning the amazing Charlie Musselwhite. An American electric blues harmonica player and bandleader, he is famed for producing overwhelming nostalgic tunes that genuinely touch people. Musselwhite’s moving performance in 2019 was an extraordinary moment in the remarkable history of Mahindra Blues. The symphonies he produced on his harmonica will be in the highlight reel of the festival for years to come. The video below will give you a glimpse of the magic Musselwhite created with his performance.

Buddy Guy 

A true legend of the blues, Buddy Guy is an American blues guitarist who will be headlining the Mahindra Blues Festival 2020. After a five-year hiatus, this will be his fifth time at the festival. Guy has earned his place in the hearts of music fans all over the world by taking them on an exciting journey of blues.


Buddy Guy’s charming style, which embraces the fire and flashes of rock & roll, extends his appeal to a broader multi-cultured audience. You can get a flavor of his genius from the video (above) of his last performance at Mehboob Studios. 

Keb’ Mo’ 

Kevin Roosevelt Moore aka Keb’ Mo’ is an incredible singer, guitarist, songwriter, and a four-time Grammy Award Winner. But this is not all that makes him special. With his remarkable writing skills, guitar versatility, and vocals soaked to produce classic blues, Mo’ is a titan who puts a spell on his audience with his signature style of performances. 

Mo’ will be making his return to the MBF after his unforgettable performance in 2016 that made the audience experience the soulful power of the blues. The video below is proof of what Keb’ Mo’ achieved at Mahindra Blues Festival 2016. 

John Mayall

An English blues singer, guitarist, organist and songwriter, whose musical career spans over sixty years, Mayall is known as the godfather of British blues. In the 1960s, he was the founder of John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, a band which has counted among its members some of the most famous blues and blues-rock musicians including Eric Clapton.

Watching the 85-year-old Mayall rock the stage at the 2018 Mahindra Blues Festival was an absolute delight. From his surprise cameo on the first night of the event, when he jammed with the sublime Coco Montoya, to his enthralling performance as the final act of the festival, John Mayall lived up to the hype and more. Here’s a sample of his brilliance from that night.

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This brings us to the conclusion of our roundup of the five unforgettable performances at the Mahindra Blues Festival. This year’s lineup for the festival also looks promising and we sincerely believe that music aficionados in India shouldn’t be missing it. 

Go ahead, book your tickets for the MBF 2020 and let the blues fan in you rejoice! 

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