With many people stuck at home and often running out of things to do, it’s the perfect time to immerse one’s self in great music – whatever that may mean for you. It seems artists and event organizers agree, too, as several of them have partnered up to put together a slew of online events that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. If you want to know more about this, read on for a list of five upcoming online-only concerts that you can catch at home!

Billboard Live at Home

CeeLo Green
CeeLo Green by Anthony Quintano

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While Billboard is mostly known for its pop music charts, they’ve stepped up to the challenge of organizing online shows for music fans everywhere. This is what started the Billboard Live at Home series. The concerts are interesting because they’re part performance and part Q&A session, allowing fans to get a more in-depth look at their favorite artists.

Past performers include CeeLo Green, Jason Mraz, Jojo, and Vanessa Carlton. Each artist raises money for a non-profit of their choice to help the people that are most vulnerable and most affected by the current global situation. Be sure to check out Billboard’s site for more updates on future performances.

Ben Gibbard Live From Home

Death Cab for Cutie by Deep Ghosh

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These online-only concerts are courtesy of Death Cab For Cutie’s singer Ben Gibbard. As more and more people were being asked to stay home, Gibbard took it upon himself to do his part and help make this difficult period a little bit easier for everyone. He started hosting weekly shows from his home, playing both originals and covers — even taking requests from his online audience.

While he does go at it solo, it’s important to note that Gibbard is a huge part of Death Cab for Cutie’s iconic alternative sound that defined the early days of indie music. Couple this with Gibbard’s tender song writing and you’ve pretty much summed up the Death Cab experience. It’s a good show to catch if you’re a fan of Gibbard’s unique voice and the signature reverb of his Eventide Space pedal. He’s also done a couple of shows with his acoustic guitar and even some piano versions of the old Death Cab for Cutie hits, so expect something different from each show.

La Blogotheque

Laura Marling by Bryan Ledgard

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While they’re best known for their Take Away Shows that they started doing back in 2006, which changed the way listeners from all over the world experienced music, La Blogotheque is launching a new series of shows called the Stay Away Shows. Every day at 7 pm Paris time, the people behind La Blogotheque will be organizing live shows featuring a slew of different artists and streaming them on Instagram.

They’ve recently had the likes of Soccer Mommy, Hamilton Leithauser, and Andrew Bird on this new series with Laura Marling set to play on the 3rd of May. If you’re a fan of their Take Away Shows then you won’t be disappointed with this new online-only concerts offering.

320 Music Festival

Blue October by Kenneth Bellard

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The 320 Music Festival was originally supposed to debut this year, but current circumstances have made this impossible. However, this didn’t stop Talinda Bennington and Kevin Lyman. The two partnered with KNEKT-TV to bring the festival straight into people’s homes. The partnership means people will be able to watch the festival on Facebook Live, the KNEKT.TV Network, YouTube Live, and various other streaming platforms.

The festival will feature performances from Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October, Frank Zummo of Sum 41, Gnash, Social House, and many more. The festival will also include educational sessions on mental health to honor Chester Bennington’s memory. Chester was the singer of the rock band Linkin Park and Talinda Bennington’s husband.

Pickathon A Concert A Day

Dinosaur Jr. by Johannes Scherman

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On a more serious note, it’s not just fans but the music industry that’s been affected. Artists and music industry professionals continue to deal with canceled shows, which does affect their financial stability. This is why Pickathon decided to release a concert a day from their archives. The only ask from fans is to donate to MusiCares, an organization committed to supporting music industry professionals through this trying time.

Pickathon has a great mix of artists and performers, with the most recent one being legendary grunge band Dinosaur Jr. The concerts will only be available for three days after their initial release, so be sure to check this series out so you don’t miss seeing J Mascis rocking out on his iconic Fender Jazzmaster.

If you’re up for some reminiscing and just generally good music, check out our article on the Mahindra Blues Festival.

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