By Aneil Lutchman

The Governors Ball Music Festival is a three day music fest held in the heart of New York City; it showcases a diverse line-up from classic hip-hop and rock to pop, EDM, and the newest indie. Being in New York City makes this festival unlike any other music fest on the planet. The Big Apple as your back drop makes it more fun since you could eat delicious New York style pizza, go to a Broadway Show or visit some of the many scenic New York City attractions.

The festival also has its own unique difficulties since New York City can be hectic enough on a regular weekend, far less so on a Music Festival Weekend. Luckily we have some tips for attending the Governors Ball Music Festival and for making sure that you get the best out of being in New York City.

1. Stay for an entire week:
When you’re booking your flight to New York City don’t just book a flight to arrive just for the festival weekend and leave right after. Give yourself a few extra days or stay for an entire week! The days before and after Governors Ball are perfect for seeing some New York City attractions. In three days in New York City there’s a lot that you could see!

2. Be smart when you choose a hotel:
Randall’s Island is located between the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Queens. Booking a hotel near the Island ensures that you get to the festival and back quickly every day. It’s also important to book a hotel near to a stop on the subway. The New York City subway system is the backbone of the city. You use it to get to almost every major attraction and having a metro card for it is very important. The train or bus is much cheaper than the ferry to get to and from the festival each day. It saves a lot of time too, since there’s always a line for the ferry.

3. Come hungry:
Governors Ball features culinary treats from some of the best food trucks in New York City. There’s everything from Cuban sandwiches, Philly cheese steaks and gourmet corn dogs. If you don’t get a chance to grab some good New York style pizza while you’re in the city, there are many pizza options at the festival. So skip breakfast and have a big lunch at the festival!

4. Plan for changing weather:
Summers in New York City are known for drastic changes in weather within a few hours.
Bring a camelback or a bottle of water to keep you hydrated as well as some sunblock to protect you from the baking sun. You should also consider a poncho and zip lock bags for your electronics in case it suddenly rains. Unlike the other stages, the “Gotham Tent” is shaded, so you should definitely check out some of the artistes that would be performing there.

5. Follow the festival on Social Media:
If you follow the festival on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you’ll be the first to know about any free tickets being given away or where the official after parties would be. In the event that there are any changes to the schedule on the day of the fest, you’ll also be kept in the loop.

Follow these tips to ensure that you have an amazing time at the Governors Ball Music Festival.

Tickets to NYC and hotels often sell out fast, so book quickly!

Still haven’t decided if you want to go? Then check out these five reasons that you should attend the Governors Ball Music Festival.

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