By Aneil Lutchman

The Lollapalooza Music Festival has defined itself as one of the top music fests not just in North America, but in the world. The Lollapalooza experience has expanded to five new cities including São Paulo, Berlin, and Bogota. The original Lollapalooza in Chicago is still definitely the most legendary of them, with classic acts like Eminem, Paul McCartney, Depeche Mode and The Smashing Pumpkins given some of their best performances ever here.

If there’s only one music festival that you could attend this summer, let it be Lollapalooza. Don’t be overwhelmed by how huge it is! Here are some Pro Tips for attending Lollapalooza to help you experience the best Lolla ever!

1. Pack a Poncho
Summers in the windy city are notorious for the rapidly changing weather. A day could start off bright and sunny and turn cool and stormy within an hour. In the event of a bad storm or strong winds, the entire festival will be evacuated (More on that later). If it’s just a slight drizzle though, the show would go on and that’s when a poncho becomes important.

2. Get Social
It’s always a good idea to follow a music festival on social media. By staying tuned on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you would be the first to know about free stuff and specials before and during the festival. You’ll also be up to date on any changes in the schedule that might happen while the fest is going on.

It’s also important to get social in real life when you get to Chicago. Downtown Chicago is teeming with a lot of the festival’s 200,000 attendees partying downtown in the nights before Lollapalooza weekend. Many long-time Lollapalooza attendees have continually attended the festival for over a decade and have experience with many aspects of the festival; the cleanest bathrooms, the shortest lines for beer and lots more.

3. Stay close to Grant Park
This entire park, located in the downtown Loop area is used to host the festival. Book your hotel as close to this park as possible. Staying near to Grant Park will help you get in and out of Lollapalooza quickly every day.

In the event that Grant Park is evacuated for a storm like it was for Lollapalooza 2015, your hotel would just be a short distance away so you won’t be stranded on downtown Chicago.

4. Get a VIP Ticket
Sure VIP tickets to Lollapalooza are expensive, but Lollapalooza is a bucket list festival. It’s always amazing and this year for the 25th Anniversary it’s going to be even more amazing. Why not splurge to live like music festival royalty for four days?

VIP tickets grant you access to the classy Lolla Lounge, a special zone with an amazing view of both man stages, premium cocktails, unlimited snacks and food plus more. Depending on what you enjoy most about a music festival, Lollapalooza VIP Tickets might be just right for you.

5. Rent a Locker
A locker is a huge help at Lollapalooza. Not only would you not have to tote your water bottle and the free stuff that’s given away every day (and there’s lots of free stuff in the Lolla Lounge), but also it makes the process of entering the festival everyday much easier when you store your bag in your locket so that you don’t have to join the bag line.

Hotels in Chicago for Lollapalooza usually go fast, so book now!

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