There was perhaps a time when football stadiums were to be avoided, but as we move deeper into the 21st century they’re becoming increasingly attractive as tourist destinations.

Several high-profile tragedies during the eighties saw the game undergo a transformation, not only in terms of its appeal and reach, but also with the wonderful grounds in which football is played in. This is highly evident in Germany, where they have a mixture of wonderful stadiums every traveler simply must think of visiting at least once in their lifetime. Whether it is for the atmosphere, the technology or the cult that has built up around a certain ground, a football stadium has become a key tourist attraction.

So here are five German football stadiums that should be on everybody’s bucket list.

Millerntor Stadion

FC St Pauli Stadium
Millerntor Stadion, FC St Pauli

Credit – Wikipedia, Image by Claire Werk

St Pauli is not as well known as most top teams in the country, and currently plays in the second tier of the German domestic football league, but their ground is one that must be visited at least once in your lifetime.

They were the first team in Germany to ban fascist symbols from their ground and they’ve become something of a cult figure within the European game. A Guardian article explains that they became the team of choice for political activists within Hamburg because of their left-wing politics.

If you want to see the alternative side to German football, this is the place to go.

Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany
Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich

Credit – Wikipedia, Image by Maximilian Dörrbecker

Coral’s list of must see football stadiums, explains how the Allianz Arena in Munich is the first in the world to have a full color changing exterior, which allows it to be lit up red when Bayern Munich are playing at home, or blue when 1860 Munich play their home games.

Bayern,the Bundesliga giants, took sole ownership of the 75,000-capacity stadium in July 2017; arguably the finest football ground in the country housing one of the best teams in Europe.

It goes without saying, anyone in Munich for the Oktoberfest beer festival would want to see and experience as much as the city has to offer and a visit to see the best team in Germany is a must. Littered with the world’s top stars, Bayern Munich is a household name across the world.


Westfalenstadion, Signal Iduna Park
Westfalenstadion, Borussia Dortmund

Credit – Wikipedia, Image by Dmitrij Rodionov

81,365 fans can cram inside the home of Borussia Dortmund creating an atmosphere that is surely one of the best in all of Europe.

The ground is famed for it’s wall of yellow and if you do get around to seeing a game, a CNN article suggests that the South Stand is the place to be to experience the full effect of this magnificent stadium.


Mungersdorfer, FC Koln, Cologne
Mungersdorfer, FC Koln

Credit – Wikipedia, Image by Maximilian Zarbl

The home of FC Koln might not be the grandest stadium in Germany, it might not be the newest, but it holds a real charm that sets it apart from many of the others on the list.

The tenants are not a hugely successful side, but they’ve got a big fan-base. The Telegraph reported how 10,000 supporters traveled to London when they drew Arsenal in last year’s Europa League. Mixed with the age of the stadium, almost a century old, there is a real authenticity about this entry that has to be experienced.


Veltins-Arena, FC Schalke 04
Veltins-Arena, FC Schalke 04

Credit – Wikipedia, Image by Wo st 1

The home of FC Schalke 04 is one of the most technologically advanced grounds in Germany. It has a 5 km long beer line which can supply 52,000 liters on a match day, as well as 35 cafes.

The pitch is retractable to make it a multifunctional event arena and there is a roof that can be opened and closed too, making it a real all-rounder on the German football circuit.

(Image by Mr T HK)


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