We are here at Roland Garros 2014 and its been an exciting experience. Top 5 new learnings this year, in and around the event:

1) Weather

Its unpredictable as ever! Last year, watching Roland Garros was an exhausting/dehydrating experience. This year, its been rainy with chilly winds. So, jackets/ wind-cheaters are a must! Takeaway: closely track the weather and prepare for all eventualities. The vagaries of the weather can be extreme enough- when we got on the Metro on our way to the Men’s quarters yesterday, it was raining at Champs d’Elysees but as we came out at Porte d’ Auteil, bright sunshine awaited us. The matches were back on!

2) Schedule of Play

Yes, Rafel Nadal can play on Court Suzanne Lenglen. If Gael Monfils is around on Philippe Chatrier.

Usually, Philippe Chatrier is effectively Roland Garros’ Centre Court and the top seed for the day plays on it. Its a much larger stadium, while Suzanne Lenglen (the effective “Court One”) is a much more intimate experience. So, when picking tickets for Quarters or before, its usually a good bet to buy those on Philippe Chatrier. However, this year we got completely wrong-footed. So our takeway- be prepared for randomness, however, rest assured, the experience will be phenomenal either ways.

3) Outside/ practice courts

We still await out star sightings for the year, but there is a lot to absorb at Roland Garros. Wandering around to other courts is highly recommended- you might catch Sania Mirza at the doubles or old favorites like Thomas Enqvist or Cedric Pioline. Also, keep an eye out for practice courts, where you might find the big stars opting for a quick hit.

4) Metro

Getting in and out at Roland Garros remains confusing as ever, because of a circuitous Metro structure around the stations of relevance. So spend time figuring out Porte d’ Auteuil, Michel Ange Molitor, Michel Ange Auteuil- the options can get a little confusing. We promise to elucidate in a post soon!

5) Food

Food options at Roland Garros are limited and not the cheapest (still some combos looks OK). Remember, you are ALLOWED to carry in food and soft drinks (plastic bottles). Also, if you forgot to pick up anything, there is a Carrefour right next door- so that’s a cheap, last ditch option.


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One thought on “Eventraveler @ Roland Garros

  1. Jovita says:

    Take metro line 9 from Saint Augustin station, torawds Pont de Sevres as far as Michel-Ange d’ Auteuil. Time 15 minutes. There you change and take the only other line stopping there, for one station (Porte d’ Auteuil). From there it’s a 10-15 minute walk to Roland Garros. There is also a bus for this last bit, but the interval between buses is about 10-15 minutes, so it’s not really worth it unless you are lucky. It’s a nice walk anyway, unless it’s raining in which case the match will be off.

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