73% of Americans prefer road tripping to flying on their vacations. If you have any important events coming up that you intend traveling by road to, it’s important that you take extra care to keep yourself healthy, safe and comfortable while you’re driving. Long trips can be taxing on the body, but fortunately, there are a number of ways you can look after yourself so you’re able to enjoy your events to the fullest.

Prioritize comfort

If you’re on the road often, invest in a large car that gives you the space you need to be comfortable while traveling. Look at consumer ratings to get an accurate picture of the pros and cons of individual car models. A good fuel economy and the ability to keep personal items exactly where you want them will make your car journeys as easy and satisfying as possible. You may also benefit from car accessories to enhance your drives even further. For example, a lumbar support pillow can effectively relieve stress and tension from your lower back. You can also get pillows designed to support your shoulders and keep your spine aligned.

Set a schedule

Set a realistic and relaxed driving schedule that doesn’t pack in too much in one go. Plan your stops ahead of time: stopping at least once every two or three hours lets you rest and recharge often, so you’re better able to stay focused behind the wheel. Rest breaks also give you the chance to stretch your back, shoulders, hips and legs, which can become stiff and painful from prolonged driving. Always get enough sleep before long drives, and avoid drowsy driving. If you’re traveling with others, take turns driving. And, if you ever feel too tired to drive overnight, it’s best to get a hotel room.

Stay healthy

Staying hydrated is key to staying alert, focused, and safe on the road. Take a reusable water bottle with you to refill at rest stops. Bottles with time increments let you see how much water you need to drink in one day. If you forget to drink enough, a smartphone app can give you reminders and track your consumption. Healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, sandwiches, protein bars, and dark chocolate will keep you satiated and energized. Avoid sugary junk food, which can leave you feeling sluggish soon after eating.

If you are traveling by road frequently, it’s important you take care to keep yourself as healthy as possible. With these smart tips, you can stay comfortable and happy while traveling to your next destination.

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