So Coachella 2017 has been stalking your newsfeed. You’ve heard all about Kendrick Lamar’s juggernaut performance, Radiohead’s sound problems and Lady Gaga’s launch of her brand new single- The Cure. Then you have the celebrity sightings, Selena Gomez and the Weeknd (not spelt the Weekend apparently). You’re obviously jealous! But here’s the thing, you’ll have a chance to catch them all over again, and this time, Radiohead is going to make sure their sound is perfect. Again? You ask. Yes. To cater to massive crowds and the demand, Coachella organizers realized they could rake in twice as much money and will showcase the exact same lineup again between April 21st and April 23rd at the Empire Polo Club at Indio, California. So what is this Coachella, you ask. You the person who’s living under a rock.

History & Lineup:

It all began in 1993 when Pearl Jam performed for almost 25,000 fans after the band refused to play in LA because of a dispute with Ticketmaster over service tax. But it took another six years before the festival to debut and become THE event to showcase trendy indie musicians like Beck, the Chemical Brothers and Rage Against the Machine, bands and musicians generally ignored by the charts.

Lady Gaga ignored by the charts? Lorde? Ok, that’s probably why there’s been some criticism about selling out. But becoming the largest and most prestigious music festival in the country brings its own issues, and one of them is the need for large headliners. They seem to have still struck a balance with Kendrick Lamar headlining on April 23rd and Radiohead taking the main stage on April 21st. Firm festival favorites like New Order, Empire of the Sun, and DJ Khaled are most definitely acts you won’t see on Billboard.

This year’s biggest success in fact seems to have been Hans Zimmer who stole the show with some of his biggest tunes from Inception, Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean, only going to show that good music knows no box.

Coachella Beyond Music:

What else can you do? Eat. There are over a 100 vendors serving everything from wood fired pizza to hand crafted burgers and a massive craft beer selection. Enormous art installations by Balloon Chain and Big Bear stand tall next to swaying palm trees against a blue sky. This is no muddy Glastonbury.


They are available!!! Even now, because that’s what happens when you spread it across two weekends. General Admission (GA) tickets are available for USD 399 but you have to buy a dinner ticket for USD 225 so the total comes to USD 624. Camping tickets are also available at around USD 3,200 for four people. It makes much more sense to do that because it includes your accommodation. But there are GA tickets available on Viagogo for about USD 450 plus charges. This is just a ticket for three days. You need to figure out your own accommodation in Indio.

Reshma plans to watch Kendrick Lamar and Hans Zimmer in the comfort of her own study, as Coachella 2017 will stream live from the 21st to 23rd of April.

(Image by Carl Nenzén Lovén)

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