There’s no better time to be a music fan in the US than in May. ‘But Coachella’s in April,’ you whine. Well for one, that’s more a fashion show than a music festival. I have nothing against fashion shows mind you, but I would like to focus on the music. Here’re two of our favorite upcoming American music festivals.

Stagecoach Music Festival (April 28th to April 30th)

Country music fans, and yes we have them in India (me me!), will be flocking to California for a weekend of line dancing and country cooking classes at the Stagecoach Festival held at Empire Polo Club, the same place where Coachella was held the weekend earlier. If you’re traveling with teenagers, then there’s an entire tent dedicated to an age group you’re well advised to stay away from. That’s why they herd them into their own pen.

Headliners you ask? Here’s one you most definitely know! Shania Twain (yes she still sings), will be headlining on the Saturday followed by someone else you might have heard of, Kenny Chesney, he of the rugged cowboy face and disarming smile. There’s also Willie Nelson and Family, essentially his tour band that tours America in a Bio Diesel bus called the Honeysuckle Rose V. Don’t you just love how picket fences these names are? But even if you, like me, don’t know many of the artists, it doesn’t matter, because country music strikes a chord in everyone. So maybe you won’t like the honky tonk, ‘let’s all drink beer and pass out in my tractor,’ songs, but most of the music is lyrically inspired and sitting back and watching Willie Nelson sing, ‘You’re always on my mind,’ while the sun sets, is what true Americana is all about to me.

General Admission Tickets are still available through Eventraveler and cost about USD 329 (~ INR 21,000) for a three-day pass.

Sasquatch! Music Festival (May 26th to May 28th)

If you prefer your music more indie, with a touch of singer–songwriter on the side, Sasquatch! is where you want to go. Or did. After a dismal 2016 performance, Sasquatch, like every other music festival, has brought in a few well-known headliners to ensure a crowd. You have Frank Ocean, Chance The Rapper, and Twenty–One pilots. How is this indie or singer songwriter you ask? Well, that’s where the fine print comes in. Many of the smaller acts on the bill are in fact indie rock luminaries like Seattle’s The Head and the Heart to Portland’s own The Shins, as well as electronic acts including Bonobo and Kaytranada and a comedy bill that will include Fred Armisen.

While we wouldn’t necessarily call Sasquatch the reason to visit Washington, it’s definitely something to do if you’re in the state already, USD 99 for a single day is not too bad. Tickets are available on Eventraveler.

Reshma doesn’t know much country music, and is not particularly fond of Shania Twain but she loves Kenny Chesney and Country is her go to wind down station. Here’re two of her favorite tracks by Kenny Chesney and Willie Nelson. Really, who doesn’t love Country.

(Image by Cedar)

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